Good Morning

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr oh my doodles what is going on??? One day its warm and the birds are singing yes they are and then the next nothing kOH MY OH MY

But have no fear I am A firm believer that It will be warm once again just trust me ! I am a a fluffy doodle that just knows this stuff like take a few minutes ago before I got on I sw 2 cardndials and some other birds fly fly fly high away in the sky.

Hmmmmm I sure do think its time for me to brush up on my rhyming YES I WILL just do that today !

OOooo well I have to be fast so my furry paw might be spelling words wrong k but MOM and I went for a very brisk cold doodley walk last night and we had some pretty good encounters with other Pups hmmmmm

But tonight I a sure Mom will put that waxy stuff on my paws tonight last night I had to stop I got one of those ice chunks into my paw and OUCH whinn whinnn as MOM tried to get it out, then as we were wralking we cut the walk a bit short it was brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cold outside.

so we stopped and all of a sudden a goldlen retirver saw us and ran across a very busy street oh my oh my and you know MOM doesn’t wear her glass as we walk at night but oh my that little one was cold, so MOM grabbed ahold of the collar and waaaa LA got him yeah it was a boy darn a doodle but we rang someones door bell they answered and MOM said she needed help in finding the owners so thees nice girls called the number on the tag and the owners came yea yea DUKE is his name and running away his is GAME>

OH doodles i have to go but think of warm sunshine and palm trees, AHHHHH

Lve ya wILL bABE



Good Morning

OH LMY DOODLES I had a guest over the weekend and we had so much fun, well, as much fun as you can have !

Did I tell you we have a fence in our backyard and Dad put up another one too keep me out of the muddy water when we have that thaw in March, well….. we had one a few weeks ago ok not a few weeks ago but last week, so my Dad saw that the snow was melting melting of the ground away from the ground so that means he had to close up part of my yard

YES the part where I can say hi to my SWEET JULIA well, I was pretty sad that happened, but when my MOM came home I tried to tell her she knew something was wrong, she smiled and said Willy BABE what did DAD DO?? ha ha ha I see well, Buddy we had to because of the river in the back part of the yard, OH OH OH Doodles I know MOM but….. Julia how will I say hi to her??

I will just have to woof wooof woof so say i Ruf you Julia until we meet when the river goes down.

Ankyway where was I oooOOO yes I had a guest this weekend it was my little Buddy Belly, yeah she came on Friday we had fun but she barked at my DAD well, I told he its’ okay just follow my lead see when DAD comes home all you have to do is WAG your fluffy tail, oh thats right Belly Doesn’t have a fuffy tail thats okay just wag your tail.

And see Dad gives you a treat ahhhhh Belly was a good girl visiting and I was a very gracious Doodle host. It’s not so bad having another small puppy around DAD????? Please you know what I”m thinking don’t you?

So today is a Monday and I just have to say HAPPY MONDAY and its a beautiful day its SNOWING SNOWING SNOWING Snowflakes falling falling on my nose on my Tail falling falling falling Snowflakes falling all around me today !

Have a Happy Doodle Day on this Monday

Love ya Willy BABE

Hey January is half over

Good Morning

Good Morning what a beautiful day plenty of snow melting is coming my way OH YES ! ! ! ! I just can’t belive my doodly ears when I heard MOM say how warm it will be today.

I can hear the birds singing in the trees and the sun trying to poke through those gloomy cloouds HEY CLOUDS GET OUT OF THE WAY well how else am I going to spread my Doodle Cheer to all my buddies HMmmmmm

So last night I was a bit concerned that we were not going to go for our walk, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm MOM MOM was not smiling at all , so I did my Doodle magic and grabbed her napking well, oh well, that sure did make her smile she called me a pick pocket HA HA AH welllll MOM it got you smiling !

As we were walking we heard nothing at all but saw all of the stars shinning in the sky oh boy how beauitful, but as we were walking we saw one, two , three humans walking there four leg friends down the same street as US ! We were in a parade and didn’t even get the invite well, Hummmmph grummmmph why weren’t we invited hmmmm so we just dooldey barged our way in and ahhhhh here we are just walking and walking I’m waggin that fluffy tail of mine just to keep in step with the music I hear in my ears

But you know what a lot of walk we had to go in the street well, some people ddidn’t shovel that snow so it makes it hard to walk, and MOM likes to GO FAST ME TOO I do I really do well, sometimes I would like to just stop and smell that snow mound , well, of course I want to know if I was there before, HA HA HA

I think today I will watch the snow melt and just enjoy being on the deck and just smiling away and looking to see if any of my buddie are going to be in there yards today TOO!!

So have a wonderful not a Whacky Wednesday have a Wonderful Wonderly doodley Wednesday

Love ya Willy BABE

shhhhh napping now so I can take that long walk later

Happy Monday

Did you happen to notice how nice and beautiful it was outside on Saturday, well, I just had to tell my mom and dad, yes I did , I think they knew but >>>>>> I was telling them by going outside then inside and wandering around the house then outside and inside again, Mom just smiled she knew and so did dad.

The weather was beautiful outside and I was able to sit on my deck and not freeze not that I would with my big fluffy coat I have on but oh my doodles even the birds I heard not all of them but a few birds, ahhhhhhhhh the sun is shinning what a wonderful day Satruday was.

Hmmmm SO MOM told me at 2 p.m. we would go to the park, she also KNEW that I needed to run and run and run some more so off we went well, first she was busy folding clotyes MOM MOM I was checking the clock well, of course I know how to tell time you do so I do too!

Finally MOM brings the clothes basket upstairs hmmmmm what’s taking so long?? It was a minute ago that she did that Hmmmmmmm well, I better go check WILLY BABE ! Hi buddy I am almost ready just putting on my walking jeans Hmmmmm I thought we were running OH we are I just want these other jeans on OOK OKKKKK so I just smiled and wagged my tail and away we went

The park was so much fun just to run through the woods and have fun other pups were there and oh my doodes I got the doodle crazies a bit mom just stopped in one part of the woods I saw her I ran to her and then ran in a giant doodle circle jumped over a huge doodle branch and away I went at last 3 times. jahhhhhhh so much fun to run and run I really really needed Saturday, then on Sunday we went for a 3.5 mile walk oh oh oh I am just so relaxed now that tonight when we walk I’ll be happy with 3 miles.

Ahhhhh the warm weather I love it sooooo very much makes me just want a wag wag wag my fluffy butt. hee heeee

so have an awesome warm day today everyone !

Love ya Willy

Yep I am a very relaxed Doodle


Brrrrrrrr Brrrrr when oh when will this cold stop oh when oh when can I stay out a bit more MOM tells me to come in after I have done my stuff OH WHEN OH WHEN can I stay out longer !

What??? What???? MOM MOM are you teasing your doodle this morning really??? really??? OH MY OH MY MOM says that it might be 11 out on Saturday Hold on to your Fluffy Tails oh I just can’t belive it 11 degrees Whooooo Whoooo it will be a heat wave yes ! ! ! ! so that means I hope a trip to the park so I can run and run and run through the woods and be a free doodle well, of course I am free to run in my back yard but oh my right now it feels like -16 brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Plus Mom said we might get some snow and she said maybe maybe we can have a few friends over OOOOo last night I saw my sweet Julia by the fence MOM I know I could not hear her but I could sense that she was smiling as my tail was going in circles by the fence because Julia was out the same time as me HA HA HA ooooo Julia how are you sweet one???? I know I know we don’t like this cold at all NO!!

So today is Friday and I sure hope my MOM has another wonderful day so the weather is cold the kids are inside for recess and oh doodles that makes for a long day MOM has said, But next week the 30′
s and we can go for our walks again at night oh My tail I feel is its starting to wag and go in circles oh YES A warm UP I can hardly wait oooooo I feel a dance coming alter on

Have a great Friday ad Keep Warm HUG A Doodle or you puppy

Love ya Willy “BABE

Today is a SNUGGLE DAY

Good Morning

Well, yesterday I started to write then I had noodle moment in my doodle fluffy head oh boy

Do you know that MOM called me a scruffy fluffy head the other morning well, I was but I sure did give my mom a smile for that !

Over the weekend I got to go away and be with other pups oh my was that fun and MOM knew I would have a good time too, plus normally I go to the window to say good bye to mom, but heck PUPS oh my what fun it was to play on the cold weekend the other day !
I got to play and play and Play and I smiled for MOM when she dropped me off she knew I would be happy to go somewhere over the weekend not too far where I can go on the coach anytime I want too!
oh sure I have my spot at home but a the house I go to I can do anything I am DOODLE I can woof woof I can Smile and melt your hearts so Hear ME woof ooowf.

Speaking of woof ruff ruff I have been trying to talk to my neighborhood pups and NOt one woof I hear where oh where is everyone oh where did everyone go??? I miss hearing my buddies oh can’t you come out and play??

Well, how can we play when it’s freeZing cold outside and how can I see my Pals, well, will this cold ever go away HEY HUMANS lets go on vacay ok???

I have been making my MOM and DAD smile alot lately we all have been cooped up in the house and what is a fluffy doodle to do???

Well, I been smiling and waggin my tail a little bit more and then I would snuggle up on the couch with mom so let s all smile to today to warm up our HEARTS !

OOO I did go to the dog park and that was a lot of fun I got to run and run and run sure wish I could go again hmmmmmm maybe if it warms up YES That is it so keep your paws crossed for the warmth ahhhhhhh

have an awesome day and
May a little doodle puppy warm you up

Love ya Willy BABE

OH M Y IT”S January

Happy Friday

Oh My Doodles Oh MY Doodle it sure is a HAPPY FRIDAY because my MOM is home again on this FRIDAY Whooopppieee Doodle Doooooodle DEEE
and yesterday is got up ton 4 degrees outside so guess what I didn’t have to be stuck inside of the house and MOM wasn’t watching me every time I went outside well, early this week it was very cold out and I could of been a frozen doodle out there

NAH MOM watches me especially when it is free4zing cold but 4 degrees outside we had to do something I told my MOM we away we went to the PARK andwe went to my favorite Park.
Normally we were going to the other new one because the one I love was all weedy and ucky too. But I saw where we were going and I ran out of the car and ran and ran into the woods oh what fun it is to run when I can go into the woods.

OH and MOM likes to be tricky to I always run ahead of MOM but I look and look there she is MOM says Willy BABE Come so I ran in a circle to get to her Sillly MOM she called my Name AGAIN SO I RAN AGAIN IN THE CIRCLE ha ha ha MOM I tricked her hee heeee , then oh my Doodles I haven’t seen this in a while I saw a huge Chip pile and I know I should not go on top of the pile but I am a doodle I could not resist so I climbed up and rolled and rolled in the wood chips, they were frozen but I still had fun and got a little bit of a pine needles stuck in my tail I am a
Christmas Doodle after all.

which now brings me to s ing
On the 1st day of Christ mas my MOM gave me 1 Huge hug
on the 2nd day of Christmas my MOM gave to me 2 Huge Treats One Huge Hug and a great big Doodle SMILE
On the 3rd day of christmas my MOM gave to me 3 scratches on my Head

1 huge hug, 2 huge treats 3 scratches on my Head and A GREAT BIG DOODLE SMILE
on the 4th day of Christmas my MOM have to me 4 Shakes of my Paw
1 huge hug, 2 huge treats 3 scratches on my Head 4 shakes of my Paw
on the 5thDay of Doodle Christmas my MOM gave to 5 mile WALK (only kidding its to cold to walk now )
1 huge hug 2 huge tyreats 3 scratches on my Head 4 shakes of my paw
hee heee hee

Today not so sure oh yes I know Im’ not done with my song but I want to sit outside on my deck and just watch the cold go by my nose well its only -4 hee hee nah I’ll be careful I promise.

Have a wonderful cold day and I hope all find peace

Love ya Willy BABE

Gotta love winter