Happy Friday


I sort of thought it was because MOM has a huge HUGE SMILE ON HER FACE and she is singing and dancing in the moon light HA HA GOTTCHA

Nah mom was not NOT dancing this morning she was just her normal self just giving me a bigger and HUGGIE#R HUG aHHHHH

Yesterday MOM was awesome well, of course she was at YOGA I always know when she will be going she carries her Yoga bag with her but TODAY its FRIDAY so MOM just has a few things to do after school Yep MOM goes to school everyday to see her KIDDOS ahhhhh MOM MOM okay now that today is Friday

LET”S DANCE come on I have been practicing all week when MOM comes home I STOMP STOMP STOMP my doodle legs POUNCE POUNCE then I wagg wagg wagg my fluffy tail and nudge nudge MOM MOM MOM that is the Dooodle Rompin Stompin DANCE Let’s all do the dance its friday so come on everybody and Dance Dance Dance once you get the POUNCE POUNCE in then your on your way for the Doodle Doodle dance.

Last night we went to entirely different place for a walk and ITS was not at our REGULAR walking time, I got in the car with DAD YES DAD and MOM and I were going somewhere oooo Doodles this will be good I can hardly wait. Hmmmmm The high Schoold YES YES YES we went over to the soccer field by our house Dad said Bye MOM said I’ll just go up to the baseball field and turns around HEY HEY HEY don’t I get a say oh doodles sometimes those humans don’t let me have a say grummmmh

But have no fears Dad Dad which way are you going so I gave MOM the one eyed LOOK HA HA HA One Eye thats me Mom of course says NO worries Willy BABE we will see DAD in Few , what was doodly strange I didn’t wear my glow in the dark collar which of course I always do But DAD said I better not especially if we stand by the fence of the game Well, you know all of those soccer kids would want to stop the game and say HI TO ME

So as we walked I knew we went far enough so I just STOPPED yep Right in my Doodley Doodle Tracks ! ! ! And Guess what we saw on our way back to DAD A Doodle in a car and in a field and another Doodle wakling with his human I thought he was a fluffy POLAR BEAR ahaha Cute Doodle I thought. Hey DAD can we start looking for another soon?????? I’m ready for a puppy

Have a wonderful Fantastic Fluffy Friday and Remember to Fluff up your Tail and Doodle Your Day AWAY

Love ya Willy BABE

Season for playing ball is almost over time for LEAF playing



Happy Wednesday Happy Wednesday HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Day
Today is my favorite Humans Birthday and I get to see her this weeekend tooo My tail is waggin already YEAH YEAH YEAH

No walk last night, Mom went over to a friends house to discuss stuff hmmmmmm I should of gone I like to discuss stuff too especially when food is around OH yes I do, sure I would of put my head near the table and sniff snifff hmmmmmm yummmmm especially since I knew what MOM was heating up in the oven oh doodles it sure smelled doodliciously good.

But, MOM and I did play in the backyard and yesterday was the first day in a long time espcially since my Eye Surgery that I wanted to catch the ball and run and run and run. Ahhhh so much fun to run and run in the yard with my MOM Even though I have one EYE I still was able to have fun

OOOOOPS gotta get going I get so distracted

Love ya Willy BABE

Happy Birthday Karen

Good Morning

Well, oh WEll I know MY MOM Is soooooo happy that Monday is over with, of course I don’t know what the doodles of a big deal it was but I know all weeekend she was a bit worried, so on Saturday even though it was a rainy windy day oh my doodles the leaves were falling leaves were falling yes they were ye they were the tree branches were swaying to and fro HAH AHHA

See I have just so much doodlness in me I just can’t help myself that I just want to sing sing a doodle song then I can stomp away when mom and dad come home from work, there is nothing like a dooodle well okay any four legged friend greeting your human at the end of the day ahhhHHHHhhhh I just love seeing that smile on my MOMs face and she hugs me then lets me give her a nuzzle nuzzle on her face ahhhhhh

When we went for a walk on Sunday the sun was shinning and oh so many leave piles HEY you HUMAN just so you know us PUPS do like to sniff sniff in those leave piles and AHHHH AHHH Thanks for making them so HUGE I mean so huge that I can get lost well, not really just a little bit.

Last night as MOM and I were walking there were a few humans walking without there pets, hmmmmmm HUMANS your four legged friend sometimes are woofing in the window at MOM and ME I think really my brain is telling me that these guys want to walk to so come on everybody lets do the walk and get a bright light around there neck so we can see one another. OOOo Last night MOM also wore her belt around her jacket sometimes my HUMAN embarrasses me but it’s MY MOM and I woof woooof just want to have fun and we do !

Tuesday today is totaly fine with me I’m just going to count those leaves falling down on my yard oh sure it makes it a little hard for MOM to well, you know pick up in the back yard but it’s fun to see.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and remember tomorrow is Wednesday and it shall be a better oh a whole lot of a better doodle day ! Plus it’s my Humans Sisters Birthday tomorrow

Love ya Willy BABE

Ruff Ruff


Mom is making a Purple stew today and she is singing and singing this song hmmmmmm Well, if MOM is making a purple stew I wonder oh I wonder who who who will make me a purple stew.

So last night Mom went out with her girls well, sure I could of gone but it was NO Puppy night for me grummmmph but Mom was thinking of me she took me to the park right away and oh my doodles there were these two little ones that were watching me do my well, you know my thing hmmmmm they were giggling and everthing well, MOM came over to clean up and these two little one wanted to see it, Hmmmmmm well I thought okay you little ones you are a little silly, but mom said “Sure”, they were like ewwww ha ha ah I secretly told them with my eye.

OH doodles what can you do, I just wagged my tail and sniffed the air and away I went.

When MOM came home last night I wagged and wagged my fluffy tail, for her. I like when my mom is home I get more hugs and treats.

Hmmmmm this morning is sorta dark and gloomy oh wait OH WAIT it’s Friday the 13th that is why oh my doodles Dooldes becareful out there everyone you never know who is behind that DOOR BOOO

Love ya Willy BABE

Im watching you


Thats me resting up for Whacky Wednesday

GUESS What today is A wonderful whacky I hope not too whack of a Wednesday oooooOOOOooooOOOO

Dad came home first yesterday and fed me hmmmmmmm Normally MOM does that oooo That is right she went to Yoga yesterday after work so that means when she comes home I get a walk right away well, of course after I greet her with my doodles of a smile and my wagging tail, and of course I did try to let her know I didn’t get fed I kept waiting and waiting MOM MOM I am waiting to get fed, well I tried and tried then she gave me that SMILE<

"Wilson, Dad said he fed you, but I will give you a TREAT" Ahhhh My almost favorite word besides Walk, Car Ride and SURPRISE, OOOo I must not forget let's go to ZESTYS

Doodles I can only keep those noodles in my brain hmmmm How did MOM know?? OOO that is right I know now.

So MOM and I went for a walk and ooo boy we have to use that flashlight now and so many pups and humans out last night it was pretty cool expect for those humans that don't have lights on and they Make fun of my Light around my nectk, shhhhhh I said to my self they must have something to hide but NOT ME nope I like being noticed I just do!

Oh my OH MY look at the time I need to get in my snuggles with MOM before she leaves for that place with little kiddos.

HEY have a wonderful whacky Wednesday I sure will

Love ya Willy BABE

Good Morning

WEll, I did try to write yesterday but my fluffy paws kept getting in the way and then I saw a SQUIRREL in my tree and all the Noodles in my doodlicious brain went doodle.

Hee Heee so How did I spend my weekend it was fabulicious yes it was MOM and I spent time together and we went to the park on Friday see, it was suppose to rain Friday night and MOM just must have this doodle sense so we went to the park instead wehich weas Fabuliicous for this dooodleicious guy I met another doodle just like me k OH NO OH NO he had both eyes, ooo did I tell you MOM want to get me a pirate outfit for my halloween costume with a patch and everything ! OOOOO this could be fun I just have to get the arrrrrr down.

A friend of my MOM ‘s is using my babysitter this week gheezzzz I wish I could go visit maybe we can walk over there tonight MOM MOM do you hear me can we can we I’ll be good no digging in the dirt, well sure I dig in the dirt doesn’t everyone??? its the Doodle thing to do is too dig dig dig, well then I knkow I KNOW I bring all that dirt into my water dish and it doesnt’ look the b est.

OOOo something else I got groomed over the weekend hmmmmm we must be going on another surprise I JUST LOVE doodle surprisses, soooo I do look handsome and my Groomer was happy to see that my hair around my eye is getting better not so short.

OOO my Doodles that was a close doodle call with my Huge fluffy paws I almost deleted my writing oh oh OH MOM MOM what do I do Have no fear my Willy BABE I’ll help you whoooosh that was great Thanks MOMO

Always thank your ! ! !

So we walked past the Y last night and some guy shouted to us HEY I LIKE YOUR COLLAR< then he says I aLSO like your dog HMMMMMMM mom mom JUST SMILED AND SAID thank you

oOOO mAN where does this time fly by I must get going along so I"ll see ya later on


HAPPY Friday

Wait oh Wait is it no really it IS???? IT”S FRIDAY come on lets celebrate we got through a week MOM come on MOM where is your smile???? HUH HUH OOOO I see MOM will smile once Friday is done!

Ahhhhh NO NO NO I need to see you smile now MOM come on OK OK See all I had to do was smile at my MOM and she smiled right back at me ! Doodles Doodles Doodles it is time to dance deance like no other Doodle kind of a dance,.
BoooooOOOOooo BOO

Yes it is that time again well, we know the leaves are falling off of the trees but did you know also that its time for Costumes so this year MOM says I will be a pirate she was starting to look for a eye patch for me hmmmmmmm Maybe I can just be Doodle Patch that make everyone smile with the wink of my eye and a wag of my tail I can make you SMILE, just think of me wagging my tail and my fluffy paws come stomping at you in a gentle way NO NO NO I won’t jump up I just like to lean my big fluffiness into you and then ahhhgh I get my hugs.

Well of course I like to hug hug hug especially since at times my humans aren’t home right away when I NEED A HUG then all of a sudden HUG HUG MOM give me a giaNT HUG oh mom I know you had a ruf rufff kinda day so I just hug my MOM right back and last night I didn’t even mind that we didn’t go for a walk, we will go later on today.

What are you going to do on this Fluffy DAhy

OOO last night a dog was barking at me I was just minding my own business in my OWN yard and all of a sudden Woooof woooof it was not a nice woof wooof either, hmmmmm I think that dog needs a HUG I sure hope those humans hug that one because he was saying HUG HUG please well, I can’ty hug u I was sending MY Doodle thoughts through the air I can’t hug you because YOU have a mean MEAN BARK,and I need you to woof wooof gently. There well I am glad I got that off my doodle chest.

I sure do think also that the flying dog that was walking the other night needs a doodle hug too but….. humans when they see us with there peanut size pups just walk away, well doodles How in the Doodle World are those little ones suppose to like us big guys??? Hmmmmm that is a project I will think about today.


Firday Firday have a wonderful
Fantastic Friday ad Fluffy tail day too

Love ya Willy BABE