Good Morning

Well I know today is Tuesday and yesterday was Monday and oh my doodles MOM has to get more orgtanized oh sure she thinks she is but oh my DOODLES I was not able to get on an I tell ya its just not a MONDAY unless I can just say a few words so here it is a FEW WORDS

OH OH OH I just crack myself up Well MOM came home with some exciting news puppy yesterday but Dad said not just yet puppy so I guess I will have to wait puppy until the summer. OH gheez thats okay puppy I will get you soo.

So Doodle Bells Doodle Bells MOM has everything decorated oh what JOY it is to see the house all prettied up
Doodle Bells Doodle Bells MOM said we will be oh so much fun to see our family all during Christmas Break, ON OH OH

Doodle Bells as we were walking last night and the snow is on the ground oh what fun it is to sniff sniff sniff all around so now I get to sniff out the snow mounds NOT so much yet but oh my doodles Maybe tomorrow it will be a very snowy day

Mom sure is busy and she just keeps on doodley around but always has time for ME ! Like this morning we just had so much fun MOM was making her lunch and gave me a few carrots ahhh All I have to do is smile a little doodle smile just for my MOM and I get what I want. NOW tonight I am not so sure If we will get our walk but HEY where was everyone last night it was a perfect night for a walk in the winter wonderland all the snowflakes were into great big piles of snow I tried my best to sniff each one but the wind came a howling an MOM was a freezing oh what fun it was to walk until that wind blew in our face HEY

So too my little friends in MT I will be send you a surprise very very soon I even have something for KUBO yes I do

Mom , Dad and I can’t wait for the week of Christmas YIPPEEEEEE FAMILY that is what LIFE LOVE and Being KIND TO ONE ANOTHER IS ALL ABOUT


Love ya Willy BABE



Goood Morning

Good Morning Good Morning my oh my its’ cold Good Morning Good Morning I think it is a good day to snuggle Good Morning Good Morning I had better just stay snuggled up Good Morning Good Morning OH Wait I am awake it was just a doodle dream.

HA HA HA HA but it is cold outside but not so cold last night for mom an I too take a nice fast and I mean fast MOM didnt even let me sniff all the trees that our my favorite well, of course I have favorite trees don’t you???

So MOM got all dressed up nice and warm and gheezzzz it takes a while to get out in this cold I was ready but I had to wait and wait then FINALLY I ran to the door let’s go lets’ go
the wind wasn’t so bad but oh my we walked very fast and the only other human we saw outside was mr. K and Buster Im not talking Buster Brown just Buster and mom and I only stayed for a bit. but we did take time to look at all of the very pretty Christmas Decorations that were lite up.

Ahhhh Mom is starting to make a list of what to do at night and I just might add that I am at the TOP OF THE LIST YEs I an Number1 ahhh and that is not the lonielst number at all, oh my I thught I spelling was getting better but my fluffy paws get in the way Don’t worry I will be getting groomed to clebrate Christmas very soon ahhhhh.

I guess I had better get moving along OOOOO I got a new Bone from St Doodle’s night yes he remembered me he forgot how I like to eat dirt and sometimes steal that piece of break off of the tabel LIKE last night and of course the napkins or kleenex oh what fun it is to be ME

Lvoe ya Willy BABE

Family that is what is IMPORTANT

Good Morning

Well Finally Finally I am able to get on this silly thing sitting ontop of a desk gheezzzzzzz

My computer has just not been that doodley good to me altely and do you know how frustrating that is to ME and my fluffy paws what do I do well, I tellyou I went upstairs to check everyones bedroom to see well, to see if I can sneak something in my mouth and hide from my MOM> OH BUTY NOOOOoooO she was carefully watching me WEll, I know why she likes to keep both of her eyes on my I think she has that connection to DoodleSanta.l

So the last few nights after I have come in MOM just looks at me and starts to sing a song with me

How much is that Doodle in the Window
The one with the fluffy Tail How much do I love that doodle oh how would I love a puppy for Chirstmas I would teach it all kinds of good things
Oh Yes I would The fluffy tail is just part of the teaching but How I would love to play

Mom and I took a glourious walk on Monday night oh sure it was windy, the wind was nearly knocking me over but luckily I weigh a good number of pounds now come on us Doodles just do not share our weight well, if I did would I get those extra treats taht MOM and Dad love JUST LOVE to give me NO NKO NOP

SO Dad ON Sunday put up a green fencing well, why because in the spring time the back by the fence gets so muddy and when my cousin Visits well, she likes to take a mud bath right in the corner of the yard so I have a little bit of a maze to go through right not but I am doing okay with my one eye. Mom was worried hey I just had a Doodle Idea Now is the time to get me that doodle puppy because we could keep her just in the small part of the yard Hmmmmm Now how do I convince my DAD?????????? I know I can bring him his slippers and give him my paw so he can pet me.

AHHHH HA I just love my doodley puppy ideas.

Life is great as a doodle we are making all kinds of plans for the Holiday and I just can’t wait to be with my family so much fun to have love from your family this Christmas season !

Love ya Willy BABE

Family is LOVE

Happy Happy Friday

Good Morning Gooood Morning I know I know I have been absent for a bit well, I”MMMMMMm back to give you smiles and laughter and smiles some more!

Just busy I guess and well, I know that is no excuse because I just love getting on my MOM and DAD’s computer and typing away I of course just type away whatever comes to my doodle noodly brain, ahhhhh life is good yes it is ! ! ! ! I feel good my fluffy tail is good and well, It is a new month and the month is my favorite of course


So I know I know I have to be good So Dear Santa all that fluffiness I did at the park on Thanksgiving well, i hope you just overlook that noodles just get in my way of my lovely Doodle brain, and why I know why but Im’; not telling ! ! ! !

My cousin Maisy is feeling a whole lot better and NO NO NO MOm hasn’t uploaded any pictures yet but maybe this Saturday which oh my doodles is tomorrow well, today she promised me a walk, we haven’t been going for our walks the last frew days a nd oh my oh my I need one ! ! ! !

So MOM says that I have to watch out for what???? OOOO yes it is that time of year again when I have to make out my puppy list for all my family to puppy to see but maybe3 in June when mom is home more and the puppy will have more fun puppy.
hmmmmm got a hint puppy well, I could use a toy I kniow I have a lot puppy but i think it would be fun to have a playmate this summer.

I have been somewhat been good reallty I have not woof wooof so much late at night but early this morning Iwas so is that a strike agains me???

NAAAHHHHH its just me being ME

Have a wonderful puppy
Friday today !

Love ya Willy BABE

If I get a puppy I can take care of him


OH MY OH MY its MONDAY really already well, well, well, I guess the day had to come what a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend it was, and I forgot well, of course you know those noodles in my brain sometimes just get all jumbled up and I forget.

I was so busy onThanksgiving waiting, wating waiting for my cousin MAISY to come that I didn’t get a chance to say what I am Thankful for Here it goes:

I am so very Thankful for my Family, they are the best MOM < DAD< ROBERT< JACK< Karen, Liz Reef and Yasmin, If it wasn't for all of them my eye would not be seeing so much fun, thanks Family.

Okay so now on to the fun of the weekend. Well of course there was just a bit of OOOOPS what are we to do moments??????

Wendesday night Bob came home and that was fun I got lots and lots of pets from him and he picked me up and we snuggled on a chair. ahhhhh I love it.
So On Thanksgiving Day My Humans Dad's uncle called, they brought there dogs for this great weekend so we met at the Dog Park, oooo but before I forget, my humans sister came home wit5h MAISY

but we had to go back to the house in the afernoon but we sure did have fun, OOO that apple pie on the counter well, Maisy and I were good we didn’t even try to eat it. well, sure that ONE year so long ago we did but NOOOooOOO my Mom will never forget.

OOoo guess what happened on Saturday morning my pal Maisy hurt her paw ouch she was bleeding and everything so MOM and Karen took her to the ER and when she came back she had the CONE OF SHAME on her Head MAISY MAISY ???? what the doodles did they do????? I had to sniff sniff to make sure it was my cousin, and it was but NO DOODLE worries I took care of her , well of course, and the first thing I did was to give her a kiss just to make sure she felt better.

OOOoo doodles I have to get moving along I’ll write later and maybe by then MOM will get those picures up to date.

Have a wonderful MONDAY and keep on smiling cuz when you smile it makes you HAPPY

Love ya Willy BABE

Happy Birthday LIZ have a wonderful day I liked visiting in MT


Good Morning

Gobble Gobble Gobble oh Yes its is that time when I get to get extra goodies oh YES YES YES it is so easy being a doodle I can make everyone smile Being a Doodle is so easy all I have to do is look CUTE> and that is not hard at all for this big fluffy guy.

OOO speaking o fluffy well, Saturday MOM didn’t even prepare me for this and Normally she d oes but I’ll forgive her this one time, well. It was early on Saturday morning the clouds were grey over head the wind was blowing and I thought it would be just a perfect day to just snuggle in my favorite spot the COUCH>

BUt… Mom took my leash and said LET”S go Now I have no problem at all about getting doodlicious looking for the holidays BUT>…. I could of had plans but MOM said let’s go and away I was in the car and onmy way!!! Ahhhh BETH HEY ITS ME Mr. Wilson, thats what she calls me Mr. Wilson or Mr. Doodle but she always likes me being there did you know that I get to just lay on a blanket sometinmes when I’m done being groomed??? Yes I do an Now my groomer has a play area I can wait in and watch for MOM> So MUch fun to be a doodle during the Holiday SEASON>

But this time I was there only for a few minutes and Beth well…. she almost forgot to give me a treat and how could she forget.

Last night MOM lost he mitten silly MOM we even walked back and forth to where she thought she lost it oh doodles MOM MOM MOM and besides it was so windy out that my fur was getting messed up in the wind.

And also on Sunday Dad was having a snack and I sat so nicely by him and MOM she normally goes around me but this time she didn’t and she klunked my head oh oh oh NO I am okay it just shook up my noodles a bit.

OOOO gotta get moving along and singing my song b ecause if I Practice really really good I can have extras

Hug your Doodle today

Love ya Willy BABE

Yes I am

Happy Friday

OH MY DOODLES it has been such a busy week that well, I am sure I have been missed so HERE I AM all Back to doodle fluffy Stuff wagging my tail and Humming a silly song

Doodles doodles it is Friday Friday Doodles Doodles lets all go out an party
Sometimes we just need a break from the weekk,so come on come on let’s go out and party
Party like a Doodle thats right party Party we all can wag our fluffy tails and make sure we
are ready tO PARTY

hee heee hee so I guess you all know that I like to have fun and now that I am 100% better I am just going to be myself and just let whatever happens on this Friday just go with the fluffiness

that is what is important, and oh boy Mom and I took such a doodley fun walk last night and I doodles think that we were the only ones walking oh oh oh I just forogt the other night when we were walking some one came up behind MOM and ME and said “YOU HAVE A NICE DOG” ekkks MOM jumped and when HEY oh my dont worry I protected MOM yep I let the lady pet me , My mom was just up in the clouds thinking away gheezzz ITS good that I know how to protect my MOM> Tahts what my MOM likes to do on our walk, oh sure she talks to me but so much has been happening to her that I am just so glad I can be with her.

Plus My mom likes to walk and talk and pet me and well, I am her doodle shhhhhhhh I like everyone.

So guess what next week is I’ll give you a little hint GOBBLE GOBBLE> so MOM has a lot to do I cant wait for all of those delicious smells coming my way ahhhhhh


Have a great Friay oooo I have to get beautified this weekend YES ! I love it

Love ya All Willy BABE

Lets just have FUN and FUN OKAY

Me n MOM and Yasmin
I wnat to go back