Good Afternoon

Yep its the afternoon well, this morning Mom went to her morning Yoga class came home and we only went for a short walk because it was so humid outside and Oh Doodles My tongue was starting to hang well, of course we could of gone earlier in the morning but…… Mom slept in YES SHE DID I was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs with my smile on my face and my tail waggin OH MOM, I think she was sleeping because it was raining and thundering oh doodles .

So MOM got ready for Yoga and I had to wait and wait until MOM came home.

Ghezzzzz So guess what yesterday I got groomed oh I sure look doodlicious I love my look made me feel SO GOOD So Good Just Like a cute Doodle Should.

Yep I had to be groomed MOM said and My groomer is a new place so I was able to see MOM pull up I was so happy I was jumping wagging my tail and Jumping to the window, at first when I went to the Groomer I wasn’t so sure about going inside the room, well I was nervous I just didn’t want that eye test and my brain just told realax this is Beth’s place where you get fresheend up
ahhhhh that is right and I knew where I was the minute I went into the back.

Then in the afternoon MOM had to do some errands and I wasn’t allowed because doodles just can’t go inside of some buildings.

So much fun so much fun so I just stayed at home. But now today mom said again she has to do errands for our time together hmmmmmmm I wonder wonder Mom and Dad kept saying the names of my little humans sooooo I think I am going ! ! ! ! ! !

Oh Doodles I just can’t well I must get going only because MOM has to do errands gheez maybe later on we will walk again.

Have a Thursday that is Perfect.
Love ya willy babe

I like watching my backyard

Good Morning

Helllooooo everyone what a beautiful sun shinning morning it is I am I am so happy to have the sun shinning the birds singing and MOM telling me some stuff that is going to happen very soon.

Well Let me tell ya something Mom has been walking me everyday to get my strength up for walking well, OF COURSE I did’t loose it but with my eye missing Haven’t found it yet HA HA AH AH
come on you gotta laugh if you don’t laugh then you just frown an there is NO WAY that I want to frown so as soon as I find that EYE of mine I’ll let you all know.

Over the weekend Mom and I took some very long walks well in the morning we went at our normal time which was good becuase it was going to be a warm day, and Mom said we might do something very very special too. Hmmmmmm well I just could not tell Dad was staining the deck Mom was working in the garden and ME well I was carefully watching because I wanted to make sure I was going with MOM and Dad wherever it was.

Then all of a sudden MOM said something to Dad , he said sure and doodles oh doodles we packed up a cooler and in the car and AWAY we went Hmmmmmm we went to a place where the sun was shinning and tables were set up and Music was playing ahhhh We sat under a tent Mom even brought me my Food and a few treats, well MOM OH MOM forgot to close up the zipper on the cooler all the way and she was getting her chair organized I just went into the cooler and got out my TREAT . HA HA AH these people behind us were giggling hmmmm and they were giggling so loud MOM looked up saw what I was doing then all my treat fun was done.

I sat listening to music Mom took me for a “walk” well I was getting antsy and then ahhhh heee heee I got petted by some little humans and I got a hug it was just what this Doodle needed.
Then as we headed Home Dad said someting about Ice CREAM Hmmmm Mom said well, we should stop its a great evening I don’t think she wanted it to end she looked at me I SMILED and all of sudden Dad gets off the highway we cross over to anohter street and here we are at ZESTYS ahhhhh I got my puppy dish Mom oh gheezzz Mom got a KIDS SHAKE don’t tell her I said that well She never finishes a Big SIZE>, we walked the trail and some little Human saw MOM asked her if she worked at a school MOM says YES and it was a 1st grader that always saw MOM>

Pretty Cool.

Sunday I just hung out with my Humans they went somewhere to listen to MUSIC again what the Doodles someties I can go and others I can’t well this one MOM said there would be no shad and it was Humid out and we all JKNOW the humidity curls my hair.

So I am up to 3 to 3 1/2 miles a day sometimes I go in the evening just depends but on Sunday I was just feeling sort of Blha hmmmmm Mom says want to go for a walk I wasn’t really sure, but we went around teh block and then there she was ABBEY ahhh HEY ABBEY HOW AARE you we haven’t seen each other in a bit HI HI HI I Loved it and then when we got home Mom and I went in the backyard and there was JULIA ahh I saw my girls that was just what this Doodle Needed to see his GIRLS

Have a wonderful DFoodley D”AY

Love ya Willy BABE

I have new adventures coming my way

Good Morning

I feel good just like a doodle should so good so good I think I will wag my tail ha ha ah !

So Mom and I got my stitches out the other oh my doodles I am no longer a doodle in a china shop as mom says huh huh MOM??? oh whatever MOM !!

We have been taking our walks a little slower but the other day we went to see my Buddies Mr. & Mrs. K well MOM has been trying to reach Mrs. K but not able to soooo we did the next best thing walk on over walk on over walk this way this way walk on over to her house her house so we walked on over. heee See I told you I felt Super Doodle Deliciously good.

So anyway I can resume all of my doodle activities. but….. my weight well is 91#’s soooo MOM said Wilson babe no more treats for a bit, hmmmm not so sure I like that idea but……I know once in awhile I will get some.
Yesterday morning we took a nice walk, and MAn oh Doodles Man I did feel out of shape so today we will go jut a little bit longer but BUT after MOM does YOGA so speaking of Yoga when MOM came home last night after Yoga she rushed to feed me then ran upstairs then Iwas like hmmmm something is up I can tell in my Noodles for brain.

Ahhh HA I knew it yesterday was TUESDAY and MOm and Dad have been listening to Music by theFox River on Tuesday s soooooo MOM DAD I want to go so I did what any good Doodle would do kept following them around getting in the way waggin my tail smiling and then MOM got the HINT well, it didn’t take her that long to do but…….

She says Honey (thats what she calls Dad ) Wilson, is coming with he want to go YEAH YEAH so MOM grabbed my leash and away we went. Yipppeeee I went to SNC to listen to music, oh my and I got petted found a place to lay down well, I am still recuperating its’ only been 3 weeks today but oh my doodles some kids petted me ONE little one asked why my eye was closed MOM said that I just like to keep it closed MOM ???? well, “Wilson he would not understand” Ok then SNC has a mascot and I was laying down then this Mascot came by ME ME ME

I got up baked up and this Mascot put his hand by me but I woof woof, oh doodles I never saw a Mascot before. ANd I also had to ruff ruff at another Dog yes I did hmmmmm I had such a busy night and day that I didn’t even ask for popcorn last night.
Hmmmmmm I am resting today and maybe as little walk later on this morning.

Hey it’s great to have the cone off I am sooooo back to myself I can even chase the bunny in my back yard.

Have a wonderful doodly day

Love ya Willy BABE

HI Mom is going to take more pictures of me !

Good Happy Friday

Fluffy Friday Fluffy Friday Oh My Doodles am I so happy that today is Fluffy Friday I am feeling good I might not look so good but I am feeling GOOD Dooodles oh yes I AM !

Mom and I and Dad got some doodle terrific news on Wednesday which was also my HUMANS Anniversary oh yes so what better present was I able to give my HUMANS plus saying HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to them in the morning with my Wagging tail and a smile on my Doodle FACE>

Well are you ready for thisj oh yes I AM I had a tumor behind my eye which was causing my Migraines, and the loss of the sight of my eye. NOW THE MOST BESTEST Doodless news The tumor was begnin which is awesome boy oh doodles bOY were my humans happy and so am I , I even thought I would not have to wear this cone that MOM would take it OFF< nope and can you believe that they went out on Wednesday to celebrate there Wedding Anniversary I could not go grummmmh MOM said there will plenty of trips for me so I was like ok go out without me whinnnn whinnnmper

I am all done with my pain pills oooo mom took me out for a very short walk only 2 houses yes we all KNOW that is short for my MOM , but she said I have to take it easy especially with the cone. and the stitches are still in sooo slow but ….. I pulled so mom was like WILSON WILSON , but I was alot better We went overto say HI to Mrs. C and I saw Bell we sniffed well it has been a bit long to see her I was petted and petted ahhhhh I love my Humans but I needed to get out of the house, oh sure MOM and I do drives but man oh man It was great to walk,

Now today it is alittle bit drizzliy we will see if i can walk, OH OH OH My hair around my eye is just starting well, mom thiks its growing back and it will but Mom needs to show me a mirror.

So today not so sure what we will do but oh my Doodles I feel like dancing also on MONDAY I get my stitches out and this cone off of my head Mom says I'm like a Doodle in a china shop I use to be careful now I'm like turning and bumping into things with this cone my HUMANS They are laughing at me well, I guess itmust be funny.

have a wonderful weekend everyone and Mr. Doodle MCPatch Wilson is BACK and FEELING AWESOME

Love ya Willy BABE

Happy Wednesday

Oh my Doodles Oh My Doodles it is Wednesday Whacky Wednesday I sure hope that I can go outside on this whacky whacky day Oh my Doodles Oh My doodles it is a fine nice day I want to do something I sure hope Mom knows whats on my MIND

Mom as I look at you with my eye I just want to say Thanks for all of the doodle loving you been giving me BUT MOM Iknow oh yes I do that you brought some FROSTY PAWS ice Cream and you have NOT SHARED ANY OF THAT ICE CREAM just yet What the Doodle is that all about.

So I think I should give you an update about ME the swelling on my eye has gone down a LOT I am doodliciously anxiously waiting for some time where MOM says Wilson, Lets go and get those stiticse OUT oh doodles I can hardly wait because this CONE is just Horrible to wear. I am knocking into wall and when I try to scratch my ear well I scratch the cone so then I hear MOM giggle seriously MOM can you help me out here????? Yes she does help

Then MOM goes to YOGA and we use to go for walks after that but NOOOoooOOo not yet, but today after MOM called the VET she asked if it would be okay just to go up the street, so guess what MOM said we will go up about 4 house and then down 4 houses so watch OUT block Im coming out. I just hope Mom does it after YOGA because well, she is ready to go to Yoga and I know it won’t be before yoga.

Yesterday we did some errands Ahhhh I got a few treats too OOO thats another thing I have to complain about. Dad and MOM uses to give me a treat every time I asked well, That has stopped hmmmmm grummmph come on Doodle Parent s I’m starving here, well, not really I just like treats, but heck I’m feeling better I have my wagging tail back well, it was gone a bit, when I was in pain, but Hey I feel good. No word yet from the pathologist I hope soon I know MOM is worried.

So have awesome day today OOO its’ My Humans anniversary today SO HAPPY ANNIVERSARTY MOM and DAD

Love yw
will BABE

I have my SMILE BACK

good Morning

Well I am sure you all are wondering where in the Doodles I have been, so Mom took off on vacation last week to see a friend, nope can’t go on a airplane yet but…. Dad an Mom are thinking well, maybe now I can they and dress me in a shirt and shorts hat and sunglasses so that maybe just maybe I can get a seat now come one who would not want me onthe plane ride I could give lots of comfort to everyone on board.

so let me tell you my story well, when MOM and Dad got back from Nashville my sitter thought I had a ear infection well, I didn’t but that morning when MOM woke up an said HI to me she noticed some discharge from my eye she took me to my VET and I was put on drops, but my eye was a little cloudy. So mom took care of me went off to FL a AHNEM without me gheeeez , well that weekend I was not feeling good at all I had a terrible headache DAD took me to the ER DR I wasn’t not eating and just wanted to lay around which for this DoodleBug Not normal at all for me not even a woof wooof in my voice.

Long story short I have Glacoma, so I had to go to another Dr and another one ohmy Dad an I were going going going we even went to MADISON WI to see a Eye Pathologoist which they said the best was to have my eye removed becaue I was in so much pain oh Doodles was I ever. Well, my name is

going to be Patch MCDoodle heee hee but I feel so much better no more headaches.But I am done sooo Doodley done seeing Dr. until Next Monday when I get my stitches out of my eye. Mo took me to have my surgrey done last Wednesday MOM cried well, I did too only because I said to MOM ‘I Ruf YOU” before she left me.

My eye was swollen for a few days and I have to take meds. I had this wonderful blue soft colar around my neck so I would not scratchy my eye but …… I was not a good Doodle with the soft collar I knkow have that Darn Hard Collar on grrrrumph! Not liking that at all.
Mom has been hovering over me so much that I gallopped up the stairs to see DAD “DAD can I go with you”””” Mom is by me all the time, DAD gave me a hug So I follow DAD downstuars and waited right by the door so he could take me with him, well DAD and I have been going so much lately theat I just wanted to be with my Dad.

Mom and I did go for a car ride. Yesterday Mrs. B came by I was so happy to see but she didn’t bring Abbey along which I don’t think I can play just yet. But I did see Julia Sweet Julia through the fence that was fun but I was told not to Put my head throught he fence my cone was in the way but…… I have to be careful.

I am doing prettty well each day I even saw that bunny in my backyard yesterday andchased it away.

So that is my story. I hope you all have a wonderful doodley day.

Love ya Willy BABE

I’ll be okay

Good morning

I can just tell that it’s a Monday Morning well, for instance the birds are chirrping just a little bit slower and the noise in the neighborhood is a bit louder,

grummmmph I just am NOT liking them fixing what ever it is they are fixing up on our street , well MOM and I have to take a different morning route and it is so doodley inconvient to do so, well, there are stones and gravel in some sections and MOM doesn’t want to walk on that stuff and I certainly dont’ want to do you know what that would do to my beautiful fluffy PAWS??

WEll let me just say that it sure would not be pretty at all !

Well I sure hope ya’ll had a wonderful weekend MOM and I did we even went on the Fox River Trail on Friday oh doodles it is so relaxing to be walking and sniffing along the way not have to worry about anyone comeing up and same Im’ on teh right oh doodles what the heck is that all about, well…. it is humans riding those two wheels things but they have fun so do we.
On the trail on Friday we saw some Geese a whole bunch of them by the time we got to where they were they were all waddling into the river darn a doodles darn ghrummmph so we kept on walking, turned around to go back and OH MY OH MY we saw a MAMA Deer and two of her little bambis sooooo doodles cute I tell ya, see MOM and I just have so much fun walking everywhere.

We sat in the park for a bit ahhhhh Summer just gotta love all the days that us doodles get to be with our moms ahhhh LOVE LOVE LVOE

Saturday MOM and Dad and me were outside all day long Dad was doing some trimming and MOM was pulling weeds I kept an eye on MOM because sometimes she forgets to close the gate door all the way then I can go for a walk to see my buddies ahhhh But MOM was careful hummmmph ahh it was too hot anyway to go for a walk, but LIttle Bell came for a visit yesterday so that was fun to play and run then we relaxed well, we are 9 Years old you know we just like to visit.

This morning we went for a early morning walk so thats why Im a bit late in getting my happy Doodle Message to everyone so
My Message today is

LIFE IS SHORT GO AND HUG A DOODLE or what every dog you have ahhhhh Smile and they will smile back to you well, you might have to have a treat in your hand HA HA HA AH

Have a Marvelous MONDAY

Love ya Willy BABE

Let s keep on walking