So what have I been doing lately well……. a lot did I tell you the other night that some human said I had four eyes, hmmmmmmmmm I didn’t wag my tail at that in fact my doodle heart started to HHURT> whinnnnn whinnn Mom said don’t worry Big Guy. Yeah I only have one eye so I guess some folks just don’t know wghinnnnn whimmmmmper whimmmper

What do MOM and I do well, there is only one thing to fix a broken HEART ICE CREAM well, yes so MOM says on Saturday we will go for Ice Cream, not so sure why we just could not go that night but it was late out and I understand sooooo I sure do hope Zesty’s is still open on Saturday so I can wag my tail one more fluffy time before they close for the season OH DOODLES Grummmmph,

So not that it is getting dark outside I am back to wearing my light around my neck mom has her flashlight andwe are on our way OOOooOO last night was so beautiful that we saw one human wearing a vest and his pups had ligthts on just like me OOo I have an idea we can have a light parade its just that well, I don’t know who that was we didnt’ get a chance to meet if yo9u knkow what I mean.

Mom does not like to go up to people at night time so I can meet them ” HEY< MOM I'll protect you< Just like that Lady standing underneah alight by her garage I STOPPPED right in my Doodle Paws and ummmmm MOM I don't think we should go any further she SMILED I guess she was able to tell it was OK to keep on moving along, then she told that human My Doodles was uncertain

MOM MOM seriously did you have to say that??!!!! Well, Okay I understand but maybe we can work on wording MOM !

OH my so last night we finally had RAIN and some lightyening and thunder it was awesome ! OHOH How I love the rain well, yes of course when I am in the house.

Well, I gotta get going ooo just so you know my pals were following us on our walk who???/ROCKY of course he watches over us too !

Have a wonderful not so whacky kind of a Wednesday

Love ya Willy BABE


Good Morning

Hi hi just saying hi to you ad you and you HELLooooo everyone I sure hope you are all enjoying a wondeful day, well MOM and I tried a surprise the other day but….. well we didn’t know the number yep that is right the number is so very important to know once you know the number you can you can do anything !

So MOM and I just stayed where we were and took a long walk MOM Oh yesshe did she collected those acorns AGAIN! Hummmph then she keeps me moving when I want to take an extra sniff sniff.But this time MOM went to the park so we were able to collect all kinds of acorn and I was able to sniff snif sniff.

So on Sunday as we walked the trail One lady stoopped us and said “I haven’t seen you on this trail before, hmmmmm MOM was like well, we try to go all over with our walks, she called me handsome, so I got 5 beautiful looking dogs hmmmmm MOM you really need t get a sign that says I AM A DOODLE and I go 3 he is a cutie awwww shucks.

Last night I met up with Buster and we stopped to talk and then all of a sudden we saw the same he had his mouth open me I was sniffing sniffing hmmmmm could not tell what it was but our humans SMILED> We just love making our humans smile its a great feeling to do.

OOopps yes I am a little late actually its MOM always MOM”s fault she wanted to go outside a little bit this morning so we did.

have a wonderful Tuesday talk to you tomorrow.

Love ya Willy BABE

I just love to chase the bunny

Happy Friday

Happy friday it is FRIDAY give yourself a great big hug oooo wait HUG your nearest doodle MOM MOM I need my HUG MOM MOM where r u??? OOOO there you are MOM I need a HUG it’s friday you know!

Mom says we are going somewhere special on Saturday to make a hUGE Surprise OH YES I love surprises mostly when I know who who WHO are we going to surprise MOM says its a secret, but MOM I know how to keep a secret>? Really, Wilson the last time I told you something you told Rocky the squirrel then it went tree VIRAL so no you will just have to be surprised !

Hmmm so all day today I will just have to wait and wait just like Winnie the POOH waiting for MOM to get home and give me a surprise hmmmmmm she has something up her sleeve.

So, YESTERDAY MOM had A RUFF RUFFF KINDA DAY, so we did what we do, I had my doodle senese going when I saw MOM pull up into the driveway MOM?? MOM>?? where did u go oh my doodes she went next door to talk to the neighbors, hmmmmm what is up with that???

Normally MOM comes right to me MOM MOM oh oh I better have my fluffly tail wagging when she comes into that door MOM gave me a hug and a kiss and another hug OOOoooOOO OH a two hug welcome home hmmmmm well, then MOM got out the coushins for the deck and we sat and sat and relaxed hmmmmmmm but NO worries MOM perked up after a phone call, and she smiled and made a deckison.

OH DOODLES and I will be ready to go MOM just say LETS GO !

Plus we had a a fantastic fall night walk, MOM sure does crunching those leaves oh doodles and we were able to crunch a lot of them, oh how I love the FALL>

Hey Rocky squirrel and I came to an agreement we both said we would be friends until oh course he tries to come on my deck again, oh oh oh

So have a FABUlOUS FRIDAY Friday do a doodle dance and dance the Friday all day long

Love ya Willy BABE


Good Happy DAY

Oh the leaves are turning colors turning colors yes they are! Yes they are see the many colors see the many colors turn and trun falling down.

Sort of like when I look outside and see those leaves falling khmmmmm the geese are flying over my house Rocky the Squirrel is digging nuts into the ground oh my Doodles the weather is changing I like that becAUSE I can spend more times just laying on my deck, just like this morning well, of course I did, see if I Mr. Wilson don’t get to lay on the deck who in the neighborhood is going to know what the day will be like.

See I am like the Doodle warning woof Woof watch out I ruff ruff it is going to be a BEAR kind of a day, yep MOM said the BEARS are coming so of course I have to watch my backyard, well, no I never saw a “BEAR but when we Hiked in Montana we were singing and banging on a bottle it was quite fun, so BEAR BEAR BEAR beware I have a ruff ruff for you!

HA HA OH guess what ! ! Mom and I left a little bit late for our walk but yes I DID wear that orange blinking thing around my neck which everyone looks and smiles I should really get paid for my cuteness don’t you agree???? so a were were walking some house we walked past had halloween decorations up that matched my colorful collar I had on.
Well, of course MOM laughed me I just looked at MOM then then someone gave mom a posting of a eyeball to wear for part of a costume mom said she was going to find me a EYE for a costume, well, MOM i just might scare some kids she lauged and said NO you wont.

“Gheeezzzz a doodle the leaves are falling falling falling see them turn all different kinds of colors all different kinds of colors red orange and yellow. oh YE

did you know that when we walk now there are all kinds of smells now sniiiiffff snifff snifff ahhhhhh LOVE FALL>

have a wonderful Doodley DAy and watch out for those BEARS coming

Love ya
Willy BABE

One of my favorite times besides my Birthday ruff ruff

Good Day

Good Day everyone Good Day to you Good Day EVERYOnE I hope you make it good !

Do you like that one?? Not so sure myself but I like to keep on trying and trying like yesterday I WAS JUST staring out my window thinking thinking khkmmmmmm what new song can I create that would put a smile on Everybodys face well here it goes:

\ If you happy and you know it wag your tail
If you happy and you know it then your wag will really show it so if your happy and you know it wag WAG WAG YOU FLUFFY TAIL its still in the works but I sure think the doodle potential for me to be a rising Doodle singer is THERE

Last night when MOM came home from school we went to the dog park she thought is was going to rain and with it being so doodley hot outside we havent walked at night times and now I think I like this different park it doesn’t have the woods that I like but what the heck as we left tow doodles came out so It can’t be that bad right ruf ruffffff.

I ran and ran PLUS someone forgot there soccer ball MOM kicked it for me but it wasn’t mine so I could not run off with it, MOM smiled I like when MOM smiles because then the whole world smiles along well aT LEAST i do . Only one thing some big dog tried to pick on a little guy But MOM had me stand by her luckily the owner canme by YES I am still the one that likes to break up fights why BECAUSE>

So this morning while we were outside ROcky started to cheee cheee at MOM? yeah what the doodles I ruff ruff at him I guess he wants more acorns so tonight we shall find some acorns oh Doodles I think we created a squirrel monster OOOO and last night when MOM went out with me she likes to do thbat well Peter the BUNNY ran out from under our deck gheezzz I was one busy doodle protecting my land.

So have a wondeful not so WHACKY Wednesday

Love ya Willy

Peter the Bunny come on out to play OK

Good Morning

Oh My do you know why oh why I know its Tuesday well, come on Tuesday lets think think think at times it is hard to think think think, so much going on so much so much.
So I shall tel ya its Tuesday because yesterday was MONDAY HA HA HA sometimes those noodles in my doodly brain just come out with the best !

I even had Rocky smiling at me yesterday when he was jumping through the leaves Leaves are falling Falling Falling my leaves are falling I think its time for a jump a jump I think its time for a jump in the leaves Well, MOM just said that this mkorning when we looked out our window and Let me tell ya about those leaves they make huge we are TALKING huge piles to jump into.

Yes Mom says we can so I am thinking about JUMPING INTO THEM I normally run but what the doodles I am going to try my jump and land with all four paws right into the pile

OOo Why do I know its Tuesday well MOM doesn’t have any yoga stuff ready so that is why oh why!

Not sure if todaY WE WILL make the leaf pile but I bet it willbe soon soooooo Rocky my friend apologized for laughing at me the other night r day which ever, he was wrong I thanked rocky we are friends once again,

Mom says we might take another trip0 and I get to go with oh yes Can’t wait she says it is a surprise oh Doodles I have to go Mom also took me in early this morning beacuase well, I like to talk to my buddies and last night no one was out but this morning I heard someone not sure who but…… ruff ruff woof woof to you too!

Love ya Willy “BABE

Bring on Fall with many surprises

Good Monday

Monday Monday whats so good about heck if I know ha ha ha

Mom and “Dad took me for a little trip over the weekend and I had soooo much fun that I hope I can go back soon. And I must say this warm weather is not so good for this doodle I don’t really have my short hair anymore so I pant a bit .

Well, I must tell you that yesterday when I went outside onto my deck, I saw Peter the bunny so I just let him do his thing then all of a sudden I said go go gggggooooo So I took off and Peter went one way I went the othe ahhhhh I just love the chase we have with each , but what got me going ghrummmmph ghurmmmph was Rock the Squirrel YEP he was in the tree watching and watching, I think he thinks just because I have one eye I can’t see tht good, well, I am a DOODLE Rocky and I like everyone expect for those bees that buzzzzzz buzzzzz around me.

So Rocky saw what happened then do you know what he did he started laughing at me YES not that high chhh cheee should kmore like a HA HAHHHAAAAA sound well, I just went over to the tree where he was and wooof k woooof I just spoke my mind HEY ROCKY I would never hurt you I told him PLUS when MOM and I walk MAYBE JUST MAYBE I wont collect acorns. so THERE

Well, when MY HUMANS WENT to visit PAPA he told them that the climbing tree my MOM use to climb on is coming down sooooo very sad MOM thought all the grand kids played on that treee infact ME I left my mark on that tree too! I guess I will go down again and leave my mark again! And I SHOULD !

So my Humans saw a few of her brothers this weekend and one of her sisters, ahhhh I sure wish I coulod see my brother ALF I wonder how he is doing??? hmmmmmmm
HEY ALF if your listening love you bro

HA HA HA WEll now that it is Monday I just get to relax and think about LIFE and Knowing that LIFE IS SHORT ahahahha that is for mom my mom is SHORT

Love ya All

willy BAB E