Good morning

OH MY OH MY I just have to get my MOM moving a bit faster on these days oh doodles so I have to be very short in my little note to all my doodles buddies.

Mom had an awesome weekend well, of course I was there along with my DAD we saw my Human big Brother Robert and his girlfriend Jane, and I met oh my and I am not kidding I met a Cat NAMED oliver OH MY WHAT A CAT HE WAS we sort of blended in together with our colors NO NO NO MOM didn’t try to take our picture but I know she posted a video of me resting and Oliver cautiously looking at me.

OOOOO I know this is short but MOM had a huge HUGE SMILE on her face aftershe got the mail and say a letter writted to NANA oh yES she smiled it was just what she nneded hmmm and I am doodle liver MOM???? NO Of course not Wilson you are a HUGE DOODLE WITH NOOODLES I like that so when MOM opened up the letter she found a SEASHELL , and a note and a PIN and she is wearing it today it is JOY and guess who sent it to her OH OK GIVE UP it was REEF and Yasmin sent NANA a cute letter and a design she made oh me I got a hi from the kids.

Yep I went with my MOM and DAD to ST. Louis what a long trip that was and then as soon as I pulled up to the driveway I knew where we were BOB”S house oh yes ! ! ! I got to sleep over picked my spot on the sofa and ahhhhh I am home, this time I didn’t even care that MOM and DAD and
Robert went out for a pizza and had fun.! ! I got to be away for the weekend then there was OLIVER oooooOOOOooOOOO hmmmm

Welll gotta get moving along and waggin my t ail MOM says we will walk tonight oh yES we will I told her !

Love ya WillyBABE

I love this guy


Good Morning

Thursday already oh my oh my and I am not even ready to go yet well, I have so much to do and so little time to get ready to GO!

OOOO just a doodle minute I don’t have a lot to do I just have to do it ah ha ha ha HA , Not going to give any hints that just would not be any fun well, Okay twist my fluffy tail or rather I’l wag it and make it go around in a circle circle CIRCLE YES I WILL.

Soooo this place I a going to is BIG okay now that is the first hint hmmmmm let me see we have to drive to get there and I get the whole back seat to my self ! YIPPPPPEEEEEE DOODLE DOODLE DOODLE

Again I didn’t get a walk last night and MOM she forgot to ask DAD but oh grummmmph she promised me that tonight we will go and bundle up what ever that means MOM I have a fur coat so I”M GOOD>

and she also said onFriday morning we get a walk, ok ok ok this is serious MOM doesn’t normally walk me on a Friday MORNING but she said tomorrow we get to go for a walk, oh oh oh THIS IS archfully big.

Heee heee did you get it ARCHFULLY well, well well, It’s probably a great idea to waLK ME TODAY I am feeling a little friskydoodlesness coming my way.

But I can tell that MOM is feeling the same oh man this could mean a very long walk tonight Who wants to COME along and walk along down the street just waiting to see some pups along the way.

Mmmmm I think I think I shall just love tonight oh YES !

HaVE A great Thursday oooo Rocky my friend well, he is planting his acorns in my yard there are all kinds of little holes hmmmm Rocky what a character !

Love ya All Willy BABE

Pretty SOON

Good Morning

OH doodles I know I know I just haven’t been able to get onto MY MOM”S and Dad’s computer well, see there was this time change over the weekend so my MOM is just being MOM and doing stuff in the morning OH NO she is not forgetting about me really how can you forget about a 91# doodle well, you just can’t.

So over the weekend it was a brrrrrrr doodly doodles for this guy I sure do like it why??? Well, because it is cold and I have a big HEAVY fur coat on my back with a undercoat that is nice an ahhhh Warm I LOVE IT LOVE IT there are times I just want to be outside MOM I think forgets how much I love being outside in this cold weather. Saturday she gave me a bone well, I just love also being outside with my bone but MOM would not let me, because it was raining just a little I mean doodles I wore out a path going to the deck door, HA HAHA only kidding.

Then there was this time change I had to go upstairs and tell MOM HEY MOM MOM DAD wake up its time its time they slept in hmmmm come on we gained an hour of time so we can go go go!

Now, it’s Wednesday and I only had one walk all week, hmmmm I sure hope I get one tonight it’s suppose to be cold but mom has her hat and mittes, expect for the other night she wore gloves ummmm MOM said that was a bad decision I just laughed at her I knew better. yesterday MOM was busy oh my doodles .

BUT she TOLD ME that I get a big HUGE we are talking really HUGE surprise this weekend mmmmmm maybe a puppy to play with?????/ I am not sure but it will be HUGE.

Have a wonderful Whacky okay not so whacky kinda day

Love ya Willy babe

I can’t wait for the WEEKEND Surprise


Ahhhh it’s Friday Friday come on an sing a song IT”S FRIDAY we get to shake shake shake our big fluffy tail I am so happy that its Friday because tonight TONIGHT I get to be with MY MOM AND DAD and who knows what we will do this weekend only a doodle knows for sure.

See I sometimes can read my MOM ‘s mind soooo I like to look into her eyes and she snuggles with me , and I say MOM MooooMMMMMM can we please go to the park today but, she sometimes says no but NOT ALL of time, I just give her that one eyed sad look and whinnnn whinnnn she is a doodle lover for that.

I just could not understand why oh why there were not so many humans out walking last night it was a beautiful night BUT OOOO just one doodle minute we did see a human walking there HUSKY and he had a BETTER LIGHT ON grummmmmph can u believe that MOM MOM how can a HUSKY have a better light then me???? Well, of course I have a light on how in the world can those pups that are in theere house not see me coming on down the street just struting my stuff so they all can BARK at me.

I thinnk about that a lot on my walks with MOM all of those PUPS in there house looking at me I think they want me to talk back but MOM always says no well she really doesnt’ but WHY OH WHY should I??? ahhahahahha I just ma a happy kinda guy today .

Sure its cloudy and grey but always remember there is a silver lining behind every cloud you see, hmmmmmmmmmm nothing I got a doodle nothing when I use my eye.

OOOOooooOO my doodle friend who I haven’t met yet but maybe some day we will travel to IN so too her, she had surgrey just like me and is doing good. YEAH ad her name is SHILOH, so I think my next puppy friend will do just fine. ‘

Well gotta get moving along and waggin my tail on this GREY DAY

Love ya Willy BABE

I wanta go back to MT



HA HA HA well, first of all we need to walk today and then I need to look out my window oh yes do you know that yesterday afternoon we had all kinds of goblins walking down our streeet then MOM would go and give them candy oh my it was pretty spooky OOOOOOOOOOO Mom had to go somewhere and took me for a car ride, so DAD was going to pass out the candy well, I had been smelling that candy all afternoon how in the Doodle world was I to know that CANDY was not for ME???

So when we got back from that quick car ride MOM doens’t walk me on Halloween night to many sppoooky things can happen so we just like to be at home ahhhh HOME nothing like being at HOME and have your HUMANS with you. OO yes so when MOM and I came back from our drive well, DAD left the CANDY bowl right at my height which isn’t too high because I can reach anywhere ha ha ha .

NO I didn’t get anywhere DAD has A voice for when he says WILSON NO oh doodles I stop hey MY humans does that happe to you???

OOOO my my fluffy paws are getting in way again well anyway have a a wonderful Wedensday I hope it won’t be too whacky on you HA HA HA sugar Sugar Sugar oooo Doodle Doodle How I love my Sugar I wish I could have some NOW

Love ya All GOtta get moving along and checking on that bunny in my yard.

Love ya Willy BABE

I had a ruff ruff night watching all those little ones

Good Morning

Happyyyyyy Halloweeeen BoooooooOOOOoooOOOO BOO

Haha did I scare you well, I hope NOT because well, I could be scary but NAH what fun would that be??? I would not get any hugs at all from any ofmy doodleicious friends, but…..
Tonight as the door bell rings and those little gobblins come knocking at my door I hope I don’t scare them with my ONE EYE oh NO OH NO well, MOM did try to get me a patch and a fake eye but as usual MOM was late in getting stuff MOM MONM MOM how I love my doodle MOM<

But, do you know she went away this weeekend and Dad and I had aDoodle of a time, DAD even took me for a walk, but on Fluffy Friday I got to meet some of my MOM"S friends awww yes theywere nice3 yes they were, Did I tell you I DID NOT GO WITH< NOPE but ON Sunday When MOM came home I sure thought I would of gotten a gift from her being away and everything but NOOOOooOO I sure did get lots of hugs from MOM NO walk at night she said on Monday

Monday was yesterday and I almost thought yes we would go and we did RIGHT AFTER DINNER, well, not my dinner of course not Dad and MOM dinner, which is good because I need some doodle time just sitting on the deck and looking out at the world in my eye HA HA HA HA hey MY fur is growin over my eye pretty darn doodliciously great.

OOoo so last night we were waking an met and old old dog he ws 14 yeares young oh my doodles I have him a sniff sniff sasid HI and went on our merry LDoodley way.

OH MY was it cold last nigt MOM wore a hat and mittens and HER LONG COAT so you know it was cold brrrrrr doodle .

Last night I helped MOM and DAD clean off the table well….. before my eye being gone I use to grab napkins then I stopped well,,,,, Guess what I now grab those napkins again, well, I just try to help out and do a chore well, come one we all have to pitch in so I take a napkin and gently place it on the floor until MOM see s that I am alomost almost ready to put it into my mouth ha ha ha

Sooo Have a Halllooooowwww that is safe and fun and don't forget dog treats us pups that will be woof woooof away at you all HAH HA BOOO

Love ya Willy BABE

Good Morning

Happy Happy Thursday and actually its a FRDIAY for My MOM Yipppeeee Doodle Dee Yippeee Doodle Doodle but she has something going on I can tell hmmmm so that was why I purposefully told my doodle self if I don’t go upstairs MOM will come down and pay more attention to me Like take last night for example we walked and walked not that far But can you believe that MOM forgot to put on a HAT yes and she tells me I’m lucky for my furry coat

Hmmmm so tonight if we walk I will have to remind MOM My fluffy ears didn’t get cold but MOM OH BOY MOm’s sure did ha ha ha well, of course it’s okay to laugh because if you Don’t Laugh what fun is it,.

Hey I also saw my little buddy Maisy MAY oh my she is getting cutier and cutier with her age did you know we have been best buddies for 9 Years yah shhhhh she if my favorite of the little ones.

Oooo forgot after I was outside like a doodlezillion time I went to my favorite spot and curled up on the coach ahhhh I love my little corner MOM joined in an snuggled me she really needed snuggles last night so I just helped her out !

Ahhh the life of me is something else I love being a DOODLE oooo so have a wonderful Throughly Thoughtful Thursday

I know this is short but MOM and I had stuff to do It’s thursday you know..

Love ya
Willy BABE