GOOOOOD MORNING it is MONDAY I KNOw I KNOW but hey MONDAY leads to Tuesday then WEDNESDAY did I mention that WEDNESDAY is my 9th Birthday OOOOO Doodles I can hardly wait I have a doodle sneaky tail waggin feeling that MOM is going to get me a new TOY I I sure do deserve a new toy I only have a gallizion doodle toys what is ONE MORE??

O boy was it a panting kind of a weekend it was warm and muggy but I am not complaing because this is MY BIRTHDAY WEEK I am going to be 9 years young !

Sooo On Saturday I helped out my MOM with some flower planting just a bit I mostly stayed in the shade then I would help I think my MOM got some of my doodlenss sillies too she was going from one spot of the yard to the other then anohter MOM??? MOM??? Only I can do that ooops she says you are right ONLY YOU

Did I tell you my BIRTHDAY is WEDNESDAy an MOM said she will look up a special doodle treat for me because ITS MY BIRTHDAy AND I am going to wag w ag my fluffy tail all day long.

OOOOPpps I think I forgot this is also my MOM”S last week of school then I have her all to my self andk oooo my doodles I forgot to make up my summer doodle list of stuff we have to do everyday hmmmmmmm I think #1 on MONDAY will be……. shhhhhhh its a surprise.

I think MOM and I will take a walk tonight its been very muggy for this fur baby

Mom has a certain silly grin on her face too I think she is going to be happy all week long not that she isn’t anyway but…… the last week of school ahhhhh then we have plans for all kinds of things I just have to make that list. so away I go to make my summer doodle list before MOM makes hers Not that I don’t do my list first because I DO sometimes MOM just likes to be laszy hahahhaha

Have a wonderful week everyone I sure will.

It’s my birthday on WEDNESDAY

Love ya Willy BABE

Come on SUMMER

Good Morning

Well I must say that I had a big BIG weekend the other weekend, hahahahah First of all MY mom didn’t tell me the secret because well, she thought that when DAD was petting me she was a little cautious that I would spill those noodles that are in my brain Gheezzzz a doodle MOM really I would not do that heee hee oh yes I would, well, I am a doodle and sometimes we doodles just blurt out our words through our eyes, well of course I know when MOM is teasing me , like the other day I was being a little stubborn when My humans wanted to go somewhere well, of course I heard them I also saw that MOM had different shoes on YES that was a give away.

So the big surprise was that my Human brother “Bob came home for the weekend and Jane too oh my doodles I was surprised I quickly grabbed my blue ball but , oh gheezzzz Bob just petted me then he went over to my DAD well, of course it was Dad’s birthday weekend, then Bob played later with me.

OOoooo Karen was here aLong with Maisy we had fun running and running, but you know what was strange On one of the days maybe it was Monday, well I wanted to play and play but My Maisy didnt’ she just wanted to look come on Maisylet’s play come on lets play I kept saying I taunted her and every doodle trick I could think of and I got NOTHING


oh doodles I must be going I’ll chat later on

Love ya Willy BABE

Hey just wanted to let you all know my birthday is SOON

8 more days and my MOM Is home for the summer

Happy Friday

Oh its Firday oh Its Friday Friday Friday oh yeah it is a long weekend and MOM and DAD will be home oh how i Love Friday’s plus my human sister Karen is coming home for the weekend and I get to see my cousin Maisy is coming too and my corner in my back yard oh sure it is muddy but not too bad I don’t think Maisy will be taking a mud bath this weekend.

All i have to do is keep my paws crossed that it doesn’t rain and my corner gets really really dried out very very fast, oh doodle come on everybody lets cross oover our paws and NO RAIN NO RAIN we don’t want NO RAIN

Mom and I took a late night walk and it sure was fun lot of sniffs and we saw my Little friend Maisy May but do you know what??? We went past a house I stopped looked and oh my doodles it was just a pup I am not sure why oh why I stopped to look but I did , then it barked at me and I walked away , I’m not sure why these little guys like to bark at me and why are they always inside of there house, well, this one last night wasn’t but, what the heck it is beautiful outside come on Humans take your pups for a walk, let us outside so we can stretch our legs and wag or tail, and give you all big smiles .

I hope everyone has a happy tail waggin weekend, I know I will because I will be running and running and getting hugs my TAIL WILL be waggin,plus I will probably beg for some extra food, well, of c ourse I need those extras ha ha ha

Love ya all
Willy BABE

Maisy I’m excited to see you


WEll my MOM said that is is a kinda like a EEyore kinda day but WAIT WAIT I’m a doodle I can never have a grey kinda day MY day is filled with HUGS smiles TREATS and HUGS again.

Sure there are times that I think I can be a eeyore but not today not when we have had rain and rain and more rain because if I am feeling blue and THAT IS NOT MY COLOR my MOM will be feeling blue too, and THAT IS NOT HER COLOR EITHER> what ???? what is my MOMS color well, she likes Purple, orange and teal, hmmmmmmmm oh doodles .

Hey guess what my MOM says that this weeekend is a longnnnngggg weekend so we can plan a play date I just doodley hope that the sun will come out I just might have to break out into song

The sun will come out some d ay soon you can bet your waggin tail that some day someday the sun will shine again sooo Let the clouds blow away and lets bring out the sunshine so my yard dries upo and I can say hi to my Sweet Julia. its’ been ruf rufff not saying hi her side of the fence I think isn’t as muddy as my side hmmmmmm grummmph !

What to do today I guess I can count the raindrops that are falling on my deck they just keep on falling oh what to do with those raindrops falling falling falling, hmmmmmmmmmmm

I know this is short but. what the doodles if its raining outside my MOM doesn’t take me for a walk, and can you believe that she wanted me to go outside in the pouring rain last night??
gheeezzzz MOM MOM MOM well, of course I did but I waited it out for a treat hey I am a smart Doodle I know how to work it

Have a beautiful day and remember a day without a hug is a a blah kinda day

Love ya Willy BABE


Good Morning

Well oh well oh well, finally I have my own food to eat Yipppeee doodley dooodle dood

Yes My tummy was not feeling good and I think MOM knows why because when she was checking out the fence area yeah Muddy again Grujmmmmmph she saw some bunny fur well, I can’t say for doodle certain that I took some fur into my mouth, but …… it’s possible.

On Saturday I WAS FEELling soooo much better but…. Mom was cautious so we didn’t walk hmmmmmm I guess she was like that when my humans were little too, gheee thank you.

But on Sunday Mom said okay Willy BABE oh gheez MOM I like that when you call me Willy BABE I gave her my most famous smile ! WE went for a walk the wrong way yes I was sort of confused but…..I went with the doodle plan anyway hmmmm not so bad I thought but I was so happy that I just sniffed away through my walk, met a few new pups and ahhhh the Doodle life is for me !

Doodle Life Doodle Life it is the Life for me plenty of hugs and Plenty of attention not a day goes by without a little loving doodle life doodle life that is the LIFE FOR ME !

13 days left then MOM and I will be together every minute of the day oh doodles PLUS did you KNOW WHOSE Birthday is coming up???

Yep I will give you a tail wagging hint that was my hint tail waggin

have a wonderfuy doodley doodle fun day

Love ya Willy BABE

13 days ahhhhhh

Fluffy Friday

Hi doodles well, I had a tummy ache last night and MOM just was by my side all night long I even slept in my Human Sisters room and my Human brothers room, too Actually I just wanted to have boiled hamburger and Rice this morning now doesn’t that sound so yummy for my tummmy.

Not sure what happened but it could of been because of the grass i have been eating then I went digging in the wood chips oh doodles I am not tell I am just keeping my cute little smile to myself today, but last night Mom did take me for a short walk we walked right across the street to see my little ones and there was a very very tiny little one who we walking oh my doodles MOM and I went over there she was giggling over me I just smiled and smiled and wag my fluffy tail a bunch.

In fact my fluffy tail was wagging so much I dusted off come crumbs on the little ones nose heee heeee she liked it oh My Doodles , then MOM bumped into another person and we walked around two blocks so I was okay

but I just had a hard time getting comfortable but today I am almost myself so no worries I will be back to waggin my fluffy tail in no Doodle time at all.
Have a wonderful Fluffy day

Love ya Willy BABE

Happy DAY


Good Morning Good Morning what a beauitful day good Morning Good Morning I sure hope sunshine will be heading my way Plenty to do plenty of naps to take oh my waht a wonderful day !

It’s okay that it is gloomy outside this morning because MOM is still at work only for are you ready 16 more day yeipppppppeee doodley day Plenty of walks will be headed my way !

With lots of trips to where I am not sure but Beautiful day are headed my way ! ! ! !

Yesterday we walked and walked oh my doodles Dad noticed that when MOM takes me for along walk I drink plenty of water after my walk but On Tue3sday MOM didn’t take me so far I think she was doing an experiment on me and my walking hmmmmmm it sure did work. Last night we walked a lot oh doodles and she had to do my tongue check oh come on you remember she looks at my tongue to see how far its hanging well it wasn’t hanging so much last night so we went that extra mile and I of course smiled right at MOM>

Now for today I have to keep an eye on the flowers mom said too so I will Watch out squirrels expect of course my buddy Rocky , yeah I let him get away with alot of things shhhhh don’t tell mom

I guess I had better get moving along and singing my song in my head so that when MOM comes HOME I can demostrate to her my wonderful Doodley fun doodle songs.

have a wonderful Thursday ! !

Hey family in MT don’t worry about that white stuff we have green stuff on our grass hee heee love you MT Family

Love ya Willy BABE

I am wagging my tail , I’ll be seeing these guys very soon