Good Morning

I think someone hacked into my work this mornig I was busy with my Furry paws and all of a sudden BAM something went wrong, oh my Doodles I hope my noodles still can work in my brain, now, but oh What would I have done MOM would not of let me goof around I know she wouldnl’t she might let me try but NAH I don’t think soo, soooo Let me begin at the very begining I will see if I can, sometimes at the very beginning is a very good place to start.

I think I touched a key on my computer when I was typing those furry paws of mine oh doodles.

Mom and I got to take our morning walk, ahhhhh so great and we saw some other humans too wakling I wonder if welll, maybe we all were staying in a bit because of the RAIN of course then the mugguies not a friend of them at all.

Nope I get curly fur then my tail gets snaggle and my ears oh doodles then Mom combs and brushes me fun fun furn.

So yesterday was a muggy day Mom went off to Yoga and I was like MOM MOM what will we do “No Worries, Willy BABE’ we will go to the park, ” and I made sure we did, it looked like she wanted to do something else after we ate lunch, but I gave her my best sad face ever and MOM said, I can do that later so off we went to the PARK< !!!

Two little ones were there and they wanted to play with ME hmmmmm I looked at MOM she said go play, so I did I chased them and they chased me we didn't stay too long because my tongue meter was starting to hang out and there is only one cure for a hanging tongue ICE CREAM so off we went to ZESTYS and doodles that tasted soooo good, see it helps to have that "LOOK" when you want something. ahhhh and I have the Doodle Perfection for it.

Hmmmmm so now today not so sure how I can doodle fangle MOM into more ICE CREAM< hmmmmmm

OOOOo I almost forgot at Dads Soccer game yesterday we went and were walking and walking on the grass then all of a sudden I came across this grate in the grass oh my Not sure what it was but I sniffed and sniffed and oh doodles did I back away and MOM laughed at me well, come on MOM it was stinky whatever it was.

Well must be going have a FANTASTIC THURSDAY I have to plan my doodle activities for MOM.

Love ya Willy BABE

Good morning

BOOM BOOM crack crack oh my doodles how am I suppose to have a relaxing day when all I hear is BOOM BOOM crack and then my room lights up with bright light oh my doodles it is so hard being me

So MOM and Dad surprised me on Monday night when they picked me up on DADS car yep that is right I don’t often get picked up in my DADs car but oh my OH MY I got to ride in the back of my DADS car I was sooo very happy. And why do u ask why I got picked up??? ooops didn’t I tell you oh my doodles so much on doodley brain lately well, let me tell ya about my humans I love them, but they didn’t take me with them when they went to NASH , that is short for Nashville, I could not go with but you know what, I had some doodleicious fun at my sitters house.

Yep I did as soon as mom dropped me off I went right to my spot, well actually MOM dropped my leash and I walked right into the house YES I like my Sitter all right I do. she even cleaned my ears for me the other day too, ahhh and I got to play and sleep in a bed that was as comfy as can be, also my doodle friends I can sit on her coach and look out the window ahhhh she has so many squirrels and birds I was just watching them, Ms. N told mom and MOM said oh he sits on my coach all the time. and why NOT I AM FAMILY>

Some days I like to sit and watch my world go by and other days I just like to watch whatever.

Mom and I took an early mornign walk yesterday and found out that our pattern has to change some road work going on grrrrrrr but we can handle that one.

Well I must get moving along MOm is heading to Yoga

OOOo before I forget those noodles get you everytime. Mom took me to my favorite store yesterday and well, I was sort of a naughty doodle we went down the food aisle of course well, I opened up a bag of dog food, OOOPSSSS Doodles Mom told someone and they said it happens all the time, hmmmmmm Well I gave the clerk a nice smile and wagged my tail.

Have a very wonderful Day and wag your whacky tail

Love ya Willy BABE



Well I am so glad yesterday is over , whoooosh that was a fun day first a walk with MOM then we did errands well, we had to because MOM grilled Ribs all afternoon so well, when I am not so sure as wHAT WE ARE doing well, its like well, you know I just have to know.

So MOM and I took a shorty walk well it was a bit warm and I knew MOM had stuff to do so I was okay but as you all know a short walk for mom means a lonnnnng walk, and we didn’t even go for ICE CREAM can you believe that? YES what the doodles was up ??? Not even a Frosty Paw in the freezer. And who’s fault is that??? Well MOM”S of course I can’t go to the grocrey store to get Ice Cream only MOM can I suppose she could put some clothes on me and just let me walk by her side, but….. I am pretty sure someone would suspect that I was a DOODLE then all kinds of peole would wANt to pet me and ask all about me, OH Doodles a Hard doodle life I lead grummmmph

Hmmmmm My Uncle Bill told MOM that he brings his little one to Home Depot now what would happen if I went into a store would they stop MOMand ME///// Well there is only one way to find out !

Yes I just have to convince MOM that it is a good idea and I know she is always up for good ideas. ha ha ha So All those louds noises are gone now YEAH YEAH. OOOO
and another important part of my doodle Noodles LIfe

THE CHAIRS are GONE yes I can now go over and see my sweet Julia ahhhh FINALLY Mom put grass seed down in the corner and the rainhasn’t been so bad so there is GRASS a little mud but not that YUCKLY stuff. So now when Mom goes over to talk to Mrs. F I can go over and see my sweet Julia ahhhh Life as a Doodle is wonderful .

Also last night after our walk o yes Dad went too we were in the backyard all of a sudden woof Wooof that was me Mr. and Mrs. O stopped by and Miss Maisy May was along and we were asked to go over I was so super doodley excited my tail was waggin I had a SMILE on my face ahhhhhh Maisy’s yard so much fun to be in her yard and smell and look at all the things.

I was so happy looking all over the backyard and stepping over this little fence that was meant for Maisy to stay out of ooopppps OH DOODLES I sure had a fun 4th of JULY, and when we went home there were fireworks all over the place in my area ahhhhh FUN FUN FUN but I was safe and in my yard with MY MOM AND DAD>

Then this morning Mom and I took a nice walk which is good because it is raining now so I’m not sure if we will be walking later on.

Well gotta rest a bit I had an exhausting day yesterday, Just keeping an eye on MOM which i love to do..

Love ya Willy BABE

Love the day after 4th of JULY

Happy 4th of JULY

Happy Happy Happy 4th Happy Happy 4th oh my oh MY It is a HAPPY 4th !

Well I am very happy all the time expect for last NIGHT grummmmph so Dad went to the store to buy some new shoes MOM and I waited for our time to go for our walk, so as we are walking we are just taking our time it was a little muggy an I just wanted to take my time, as we are walking and I am sniffing hmmmmm I stopped turned and who is behind us????

My Human DAD is oh my doodles I sure was waggin my tail it’s always nice to have Dad along on our walk he makes my walks extra happy so we Are walking and I am sniffing Dad wants to walk fast so mom starts to move a little bit faster Dad is breaking in new shoes ahhhhh so we are walking and talking and greeting everyone that is outside and there sure were alot of people outside last night, then all of all sudden guess what happens???

Dad decides to go left and MOM and I were going to go straight still yes we were contiuning our walk with out DAD HUH HUH MOM ??? MOM???? oh my doodles only one thing for me to do and ktht is take Doodley Charge of this stiuation.

So Dad waved goodbye I looked on with my sad doodle eyes, andstopped I just didn’t move at all MOM says come on We will meet up with Dad later Big Guy, ahhhh MOM I wanted to walk with DAD tooo! ! ! sO I kept looking back and back stopping not moving just thinking MOM would say okay lets catch up with DAD, but NOOOooOO Mom wanted to go her route oh do you know what now///

Mom says we have to change our routes a bit hmmmm

But anyway WE got home and DAD was waiting outside for us ahhhhh LOVE LOVE LOVE Mom even let go of my leash so I could jog on over to my DAD

So today MOM did a little yoga, when she came home she took me for a short walk of 2 miles yes what a great morning to walk,

OOoo before I forget I like the 4th and yes this big guy is a big afraid of those loud noises at night time lately MOM even stays outside with me as I am doing my nightly Duty.

Heeee Heeee So today we are making some delicious food yes ! I love delicous food

have a wonderful Happy 4th of July BE SAFE

Love ya Willy BABE


Happy Friday

Ohy My Doo0dles Oh my Doodles we have had so far two 2 days of sunshine oh my doodles let that sun come on my yard Yipppppeeeeee4

Can you believe it that the sun my MR SUNSHINE has been shinning oh yeah shinning on down on my backyard oh How I love that sunshine !! ! ! !!
I can lay on the grass and sing a song and twist and twist all day long all day long shake and rattle roll ahhhhhh

I know I know I wasn’t on yesterday but I had some cool stuff too do with my MOM like Picking Strawberries oh my and the sweet smell in my car ahhhhhh How I love when we take that drive to get those strawberries then of course I have to just lay on the kitchen floor to watch my MOM and too0 make sure she does thata jam thing right Ahhhh

I have a ruff ruff life as a doodle I have to watch everything like last night for a chance Mom and I walked just for 2 miles it was getting a little muggy outside and my tongue was starting to hang just a wee doodle bit. But….. when we came back home we always sit outside on the deck and just enjoy the evening so I was laying on the grass watching over my yard and all of a sudden a BIRD flew right by my head oh my doodles I can hardly belive what happened MOM laughed Seriously MOM that bird could of lifted me off the ground and taken me who knows where ???

MOM of course thought I was exgratting big HUGE doodle time. well…. maybe a bit but a bird has never swooped down by me before.

So tomorrow is Saturday ahhhhh Saturday but today is Friday so I have to concentrate on FRIDAY not sure yet what we are doing MOM has Yoga and then a hair cut then I hope she has time for me !

Well who wouldn’t have time for me?? Right ooooo I went to the vet and I am happy to report I am 89#’s ahhh not so bad for a 9 year old

have a wonderful doodle3y day and SMILE

Love ya Willy BABE

Hmmmm what is going on over that fence?

Good morning

Ahhhh Nothing like the good ole summer time IN the Good Old summer time I can do whatever in teh good old summer days see being off in the summer with My MOM I can make sure I I know where she is every minute of the day , oh yes and I make sure she knows I know, Like yesterday when she picked me up at my sitters house, well of course I haVE A SITTER don’t you????

I went in circles and circles I was soooo doodley excited to see my MOM ! Oooo doodles don’t get me wrong I love going to my sitters there is someone to play with and I can go in one room and thre4 is a bed I can go right up on it and ahhhhh take a nap ,sometimes I have to get away from those little ones that are there. oh doodles.

So anyway after MOM picked me up we didn’t do anything Mom did a few things around the house I just told MOM i just need some WILSON time on the coach, oh man hmmmmm I was just being lazy well it is exhausting going away for the night at a friends’ house, playing all day long and sometimes into the night its work keep the two little ones occupied, but I had fun.

Mom did stuff around the house she would come by and pet me but. I just wanted to relax, so I did but at night when MOM got back from Yoga we went for a walk, and I just walked very slowly I just wanted to take it easy, so I did.

But today is a different story I am full of doodleness and I want to go go go yep I do, so MOM and I took a very nice walk this morning and ahhhhh the birds were singing, and I am not sure what was up with one human we saw on our walk, but we were walking up a street on the way home and some Human had two very little pups the human turned around and said OH NO really doodlesirously I am not that scary ooh ok Mom was wearing a pink jacket maybe it was to bright of a PINK??? OH dodoles I just don’t know , but I have some sad news, as were walking down the street we saw some road Kill, whinnnn whinnnnn it was a bunny I wanted to sniff it but MOM said NO oh Oh OK Mom don’t worry gheeezza doodle.

OOO One more thing I have a funny story the other night my human sister Karen video called us and I was by the kitchen table Mom turned her phone so karen could say HI well I just turned my head toward the window looking for my Karen Nothing hmmmmm so Dad took his phone and pretended that Karen was on his phone NOTING i just didn’t feel like video ruffing oh doodles that is just what is was.

oh my look at the time MOM and I have some stuff to do she want to plant a huge sunflower by my gate hmmmmm well she might only plant one the bunny at the top off but I know MOM she will plant both of them silly MOM

So Im going to help by playing outside with MOM

Have a wonderful Tuesday

Love ya Willy BABE

Loving the sun

Fluffy Friday

Oh My Doodles I think that is the sun shinning in my window this morning I do I dooodly doodle doodles believe that it is oh my yea for the sunshine !

A few days without sunshinemakes you just a doodle not a happy doodle just a doodle that will look at mom with his big brown eyes and say say say MOM I am just not happy with the weather can you make it better please???


At least Mom and I have been able to walk and even last night between raindrops Mom took her umbrella and used it for a short walk, and all of you that know MOM a short walk normally is 2 miles or longer but last night we went 1 mile hmmmmmm those rain drops were falling down on my head and oh doodles .

Well, I almost forgot a huge HUGE bunny was sitting on my deck the other day I heard Mom call Dads’ name hmmmm what is up well, I must say this guy was big I just left him alone until I just had to whinnn whinnnnn woof wooof then he hopped away Bye Bye Bunny. Ahhhhhh well they leave those goodies and are not good for my tummy at all. Plus the other day it was very nice in kthe afternoon kMOM and went to the Fox River Trail for a short walk and as we were walking what do we see We saw a baby deer looking at me !

Mom talked to it yeah she does those things oh MOM she should be Dr. DOODLE ha ha ha I just crack my doodle self up, any way Mom said I would not go by him so the Deer wagged its tail, and I wagged my Fluffy tail all was doodlefuly awesome in my Doodle World.

I want you all to love one another go out


for some Ice Cream yummmmmm it is good I already have had some but I have to go see Dr. Jen soon soooo no more for me for a bit. ah ahahhhahaaa

Love ya Willy BABE