Fluffy Friday

Oh My Doodles I think that is the sun shinning in my window this morning I do I dooodly doodle doodles believe that it is oh my yea for the sunshine !

A few days without sunshinemakes you just a doodle not a happy doodle just a doodle that will look at mom with his big brown eyes and say say say MOM I am just not happy with the weather can you make it better please???


At least Mom and I have been able to walk and even last night between raindrops Mom took her umbrella and used it for a short walk, and all of you that know MOM a short walk normally is 2 miles or longer but last night we went 1 mile hmmmmmm those rain drops were falling down on my head and oh doodles .

Well, I almost forgot a huge HUGE bunny was sitting on my deck the other day I heard Mom call Dads’ name hmmmm what is up well, I must say this guy was big I just left him alone until I just had to whinnn whinnnnn woof wooof then he hopped away Bye Bye Bunny. Ahhhhhh well they leave those goodies and are not good for my tummy at all. Plus the other day it was very nice in kthe afternoon kMOM and went to the Fox River Trail for a short walk and as we were walking what do we see We saw a baby deer looking at me !

Mom talked to it yeah she does those things oh MOM she should be Dr. DOODLE ha ha ha I just crack my doodle self up, any way Mom said I would not go by him so the Deer wagged its tail, and I wagged my Fluffy tail all was doodlefuly awesome in my Doodle World.

I want you all to love one another go out


for some Ice Cream yummmmmm it is good I already have had some but I have to go see Dr. Jen soon soooo no more for me for a bit. ah ahahhhahaaa

Love ya Willy BABE

Good Morning

Well oh Well what is up with this rain??? HUH HUH well then MOM reminded me on our walk yesterday that TOMORROW is the First Day of SUMMER doodles doodles Iforgot so its okay for the rain now BUT NOT TOMORROW grummmph why why oh why because MOM and I have so much fun when it is sunny and not gloomy well of course I can walk longer and kahhhhhh you do see more pups outside too.
Like yesterday we started just a weee bit doodle late well thats okay MOM slept in and she deserves it I say with my fluffy paws oh yes she does ! So its a wonderful doodleful day yesterday was, as we were walking MOM and I spotted another Human walking with a little human they ran across the street and said “We are from out of town, and miss our Pup can we pet yours?”

Well of course then MOM embarassed me she said I do that all the time when I am on vacation MOM MOM come on really do you have to embarass me????? Oh doodles well she did , so I said take me next time and she said YES YES YES we will

Yeah Yeah vacations here I come and I don’t have that much to pack either my leash a few toys and LOTS OF treats then I need my bone and my blankie well of course I have a blankie don’t you???

WEll I have a wonderful weekend my human sister came for a visit and she brought my cousin Maisy along and well, MOM opened up the door to the backyard and whooosh came Maisy into the yard I chased her then wAIT a MINUTE where is KareN???? OH there she is !

I danced to the left danced to the right with a shake shake all around kthat is the doodle doodle happy dance then I gallopped to her with my floppy ears running in the yard and the sun I went to Karen got a hug ran back to chase Maisy ahhhh such a great weekend we had !

Mom and Karen did some Yoga we could not go I missed Yoga with your pups hmmmmm I so wonder how that would of turned out hmmmmm maybe next time. On Saturday night we had a fire in our fire pit and I must of exhausted Maisy she didn’t want to stay outside with us hmmmm very strange but we played a lot and it was warm for us oh doodles that is ok I fell asleep on the cool grass. ah ha hahaha

Ooops Mom says I get to go too Beths today to get groomed which is good I have a hard time seeing out of my eyes with the hair covering it

soo Doodle Doodles toyou and you and you until we talk again may the Sun shine, so we can get those smiles on our faces again

Love ya Willy BABE


Happy Friday happy

Am I happy oh yes I am Yes I am I am Happy it is Friday Friday FRIDAY and guess what MOM said that since we have been having such a doodle of a wonderful week, we will celebrate with ZESTY”S todaY OH yes oh yeah THAT MEANS NOT SURE IF we will walk because it is warm but>>>>>. We can always take the care have our ice cream then walk a the trial.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think that is a marvelous Idea I only had once Ice Cream this summer and of course that was on my Doodle Birthday when I turned 9 years young.

Ahhhhh Hey yesterday Mom had some errands to run well actually she took the car so we didn’t do anything fun but….. when she came home we played and I got a treat ahhhhhh I think though she just might stop that a little bit I go to the vet next weeek and well, I don’t want all these treats going to my hips then I get that look from the VET well, NOt really but…… I know my Mom gets that Doodle look in her eyes too OH YES she does I’ll have snap a picture of it and Why can’t I she is always taking pictures ofme !!!

Last night we just relaxed in the back yard I was woofing and ruf ruf with the other pups in teh neighborhood No we were not complaining just talking thats all I would run from one end of my gate to the next back and forth it was fun Mom laughed and she didn’t even once say “WILSON” ahhhh I think she was enjoying the fun too !!!

OOOooOO well you know we have that mud in the corner of our yard well we do so Mom put some chair surrounding the mud puddle well, Maisy is coming to visit this weekend, but ….. Doodles MOM I don’t go there well, of course I do I like to see my Julia I check every morning to see if she is there waiting for me to nuzzle my Doodle nose to hers hahahha I gave mom that LOOK MOM really , but oh doodles yes really.

Have a wonderful Fun Filled Fantastic Friday
LOve ya Willy BABE


Good Morning

Oh what a beautiful day oh my oh my the sun is shinning the birds are singing and Me an Mom took such a nice walk today and we saw many many puppies walking we even saw a flying puppy again, it wasn’t the one we usually see it was a different one and why oh why does this guy want to fly I guess to get where he wants to go which hmmmmmm I just don’t understand just like when MOM and I walk and we hear well I hear it first other puppies barking at me

Well HEY Oweners get us outsdide I tell those pups through my Doodle sensitive thoughts I sure do have the wonderful ability to send my Doodle telepadoodle thoughts to any of those pups that see me , and It’s up to them to tell there owners.

Yesterday Mom and I took an early walk and oh my we went like 3.5 miles it was fun and luckily my tongue didn’t hang out at all well a little bit when we got closer to my house, then we sat outside MOm did some stuff, and I waS SO super doodle excited she finally uploaded some pictures to start my summer adventures, so right not I am not having too many adventures MOM is still relaxing hmmmmmm I say enough of the relaxing lets go go DOODLES go !

ooO Yesterday we had an awful storm MOM and I were sitting out on the deck just enjoying the breeze and the dark clouds hmmmm wilson we better get inside but first let’s put things away so she did no I can’t help but I can give her my support by smiling

Well we went out to the porch I heard Mrs C voice I took MOM over there to say HI HI but all of a sudden sirens went off so MOM went bACK home this was not your ordinarly doodle rain to sit out on my porch nope nope NOPE Mom went into the basement for a bit MOM??? MOM??? what about me well, MOM didn’t stay too long lbecause well because she likes storms.

The wind was blowing rain pouring down oh my oh my “Don’t worry MOM , I’ll protect you so I did.

We had one tree branch fall down against our fence when Dad came home he moved it and would not letme outside HUH HUH what was the doodles up with that Hmmmmm so when MOM came home from dinner with friends which I didn’t go she let me outside I went right over the the tree and put my leg up and well the rest is doodle history.

Well I have

Just having fun

to get moving along and doodleing too I think today is an ice cream day because of the day its THURSDAY thats why !!

have a great doodle day

Love ya Willy BABE


Oh My Doodles Oh My Doodles Summer Summer is finally here Mom is off for a few Months oh MY Doodles Summer is HERE !!!

HEY SUMMER SUMMER Sweet Summer time MOM is home we sleep in a bit go for walks and hmmmm I know I have my list somewhere but ….. Where oh Where did I put that LIST??

We don’t need any doodle list we know exactly what to do well, of course Walks in the morning which yesterday I was totally confused by going in the morning, Mom didn’t really prepare me but I knew as soon as she got my leash ready and away we went well I actually showed her the way I wanted to go !! and oh my Doodles we had fun but we only went 2.5 miles My tongue started to hand just a wee doodle bit and Mom knows when that happens we have to cut the walk short by a doodle tad.

And since it is SUMMER SUMMER time we are not on any schedule so which means MOM will forget that she just gave me a treat well, is she is having an apple I sure should get a treat right???

Summer Summer SUMMER SUMMER summer time is might fine I can get what I want oh How I love the summer time.

Now, last night we were going to go for just a short walk I know a what you all are thinking but MOM promised a short walk so I waited and waited the rain drops came the wind came and BANG BOOM thunder and Lightening oh Doodles so what do MOM and I do we sit outside on the porch well, of course we are under cover but when a HUGE i Mean DOODLE HUge Lightening strike came streaking across the sky I gave mom MY worried Look MOM ? MOM?? we better go inside.

Mom likes to watch storms as she sits on our front porch well, of course I didn’t have to go outisde but someone had to be there for mom It’s not fun sitting outside by yourself HA HA HA

Well gotta get mioving along today we have to upload our pictures of SUMMER TIME FUN WITH WILSON ME

Love ya Willy BABE

Let’s get ready for our adventures


OOOOO Doodles I was waggin waggin my big fluffy tail this morning I also was waiting for MOM to come down the stairs and I did my DOODLE DOODLE Rompin Doodle DANCE
SHE SMILED andgave me a big hug this morning I had a smile on my face too

Because SCHOOL IS OUT TODAY oh yea SCHOOL IS OUT FOR THE SUMMER well, not until later on this afternoon for MOM but she is excited and I of course am super doodle dooley excited, PLUS my little HUMANS Yasmin and Reef are done with school so when I get to visit them in this summer I can play and play and Of course I am excited to meet my new cousin KUBO, ohmy doodles I am just so so very happy that today is the start of new adventuresd..

My first adventure of course is too go shopping with mom and see if I can sneak somefood ahhhhhh oooops I should not of said that but oh doodles I did.

So let’s dance dance doodle dance lets put our two paws together and stomp stomp stomp and go around in circles and stomp stomp and doo thhe doodle dance.

OOO before I forget thank you all for the birthday wishes and cards treat everything it was as wonderful delightful doodlicious evening

When MOM came home she fed me then we went for ICE CREAM and I saw the line oooops well thats okay a cute little one was petting my waggin tail she had pretty red hair, so anyway as I was ever so patient in waiting another youngen came to pet me too then MY ICE CREAM ahhh Sorry KIDDOS but ….. ice cream comes first NOW. then MOM and I walked the trail a bit not far because I just ate, ahhh so much for on my birthday Its hard to belive that I am 9 years old ahhhhhhh I still feel like a puppy I do really !!!

Have an awe3some summer everyone oooo don’t you worry I’ll still be here writing away with my fluffy paws heee heee Doodleness forever

Love ya Willy BABE

School is out today

Good Morning

Well Helllooooo It is a doodley fantastic Day today because ….. are you ready get your singing voice r4eady Meee meeee meee lalalalal

Happy Doodle Birthday to ME Happy DoodleBirthday to ME Happy happy HAPPY Birthday Happy Happy Birthday to ME
I’m going to wag my tail all day Going to wag my tail ALL Going To Going to Wag Wag WAg my Tail all day because
today is MY BIRTHDAY MY Birthday My Birthday.

Plus I am going to sit by the window well, not all day I do have to rest but I’m going to watch for that mail truck guy to come or theFED EX guy or UPS guy someone I know will come and drop off a HUGE birthday package for ME ! ! !

So not only is it a whacky wonderful Wendesday it is my 9th BIRTHDAY I am sure happy today PLUS

MOM only has 3 MORE days left this week what the doodles I just might get Zesty’s twice this week. Well of course I will go tonight and then I am sure onFriday MOMS last day of the school year I can tell because she is doing a last day of school dance every day I’m trying to get the steps but….. MOM has strange moves sometimes.

Yesterday after our walk MOM and Dad were sitting on the deck I was minding my own business then all of a sudden a bunny hopped through my backayrd I didn’tsee it I was busy chewing on a stick, hmmmm But you would think MOM or DAD would of said “Wilson LOOK LOOOK a bunny!” but. NOOOoooOOO gheez doodles I think they thought I saw that bummy but my hair is covering my eyes a bit k MOM I need a trim again just around my eyes.

Well gotta get moving along and watching for the Doodle truck that will deliver my goodies.


Love ya Willy BABE

Happy Birthday to ME !

In Case you didn’t know I am
9 years young today !