Good Morning

I feel good just like a doodle should so good so good I think I will wag my tail ha ha ah !

So Mom and I got my stitches out the other oh my doodles I am no longer a doodle in a china shop as mom says huh huh MOM??? oh whatever MOM !!

We have been taking our walks a little slower but the other day we went to see my Buddies Mr. & Mrs. K well MOM has been trying to reach Mrs. K but not able to soooo we did the next best thing walk on over walk on over walk this way this way walk on over to her house her house so we walked on over. heee See I told you I felt Super Doodle Deliciously good.

So anyway I can resume all of my doodle activities. but….. my weight well is 91#’s soooo MOM said Wilson babe no more treats for a bit, hmmmm not so sure I like that idea but……I know once in awhile I will get some.
Yesterday morning we took a nice walk, and MAn oh Doodles Man I did feel out of shape so today we will go jut a little bit longer but BUT after MOM does YOGA so speaking of Yoga when MOM came home last night after Yoga she rushed to feed me then ran upstairs then Iwas like hmmmm something is up I can tell in my Noodles for brain.

Ahhh HA I knew it yesterday was TUESDAY and MOm and Dad have been listening to Music by theFox River on Tuesday s soooooo MOM DAD I want to go so I did what any good Doodle would do kept following them around getting in the way waggin my tail smiling and then MOM got the HINT well, it didn’t take her that long to do but…….

She says Honey (thats what she calls Dad ) Wilson, is coming with he want to go YEAH YEAH so MOM grabbed my leash and away we went. Yipppeeee I went to SNC to listen to music, oh my and I got petted found a place to lay down well, I am still recuperating its’ only been 3 weeks today but oh my doodles some kids petted me ONE little one asked why my eye was closed MOM said that I just like to keep it closed MOM ???? well, “Wilson he would not understand” Ok then SNC has a mascot and I was laying down then this Mascot came by ME ME ME

I got up baked up and this Mascot put his hand by me but I woof woof, oh doodles I never saw a Mascot before. ANd I also had to ruff ruff at another Dog yes I did hmmmmm I had such a busy night and day that I didn’t even ask for popcorn last night.
Hmmmmmm I am resting today and maybe as little walk later on this morning.

Hey it’s great to have the cone off I am sooooo back to myself I can even chase the bunny in my back yard.

Have a wonderful doodly day

Love ya Willy BABE

HI Mom is going to take more pictures of me !


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