Good Happy Friday

Fluffy Friday Fluffy Friday Oh My Doodles am I so happy that today is Fluffy Friday I am feeling good I might not look so good but I am feeling GOOD Dooodles oh yes I AM !

Mom and I and Dad got some doodle terrific news on Wednesday which was also my HUMANS Anniversary oh yes so what better present was I able to give my HUMANS plus saying HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to them in the morning with my Wagging tail and a smile on my Doodle FACE>

Well are you ready for thisj oh yes I AM I had a tumor behind my eye which was causing my Migraines, and the loss of the sight of my eye. NOW THE MOST BESTEST Doodless news The tumor was begnin which is awesome boy oh doodles bOY were my humans happy and so am I , I even thought I would not have to wear this cone that MOM would take it OFF< nope and can you believe that they went out on Wednesday to celebrate there Wedding Anniversary I could not go grummmmh MOM said there will plenty of trips for me so I was like ok go out without me whinnnn whinnnmper

I am all done with my pain pills oooo mom took me out for a very short walk only 2 houses yes we all KNOW that is short for my MOM , but she said I have to take it easy especially with the cone. and the stitches are still in sooo slow but ….. I pulled so mom was like WILSON WILSON , but I was alot better We went overto say HI to Mrs. C and I saw Bell we sniffed well it has been a bit long to see her I was petted and petted ahhhhh I love my Humans but I needed to get out of the house, oh sure MOM and I do drives but man oh man It was great to walk,

Now today it is alittle bit drizzliy we will see if i can walk, OH OH OH My hair around my eye is just starting well, mom thiks its growing back and it will but Mom needs to show me a mirror.

So today not so sure what we will do but oh my Doodles I feel like dancing also on MONDAY I get my stitches out and this cone off of my head Mom says I'm like a Doodle in a china shop I use to be careful now I'm like turning and bumping into things with this cone my HUMANS They are laughing at me well, I guess itmust be funny.

have a wonderful weekend everyone and Mr. Doodle MCPatch Wilson is BACK and FEELING AWESOME

Love ya Willy BABE


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