good Morning

Well I am sure you all are wondering where in the Doodles I have been, so Mom took off on vacation last week to see a friend, nope can’t go on a airplane yet but…. Dad an Mom are thinking well, maybe now I can they and dress me in a shirt and shorts hat and sunglasses so that maybe just maybe I can get a seat now come one who would not want me onthe plane ride I could give lots of comfort to everyone on board.

so let me tell you my story well, when MOM and Dad got back from Nashville my sitter thought I had a ear infection well, I didn’t but that morning when MOM woke up an said HI to me she noticed some discharge from my eye she took me to my VET and I was put on drops, but my eye was a little cloudy. So mom took care of me went off to FL a AHNEM without me gheeeez , well that weekend I was not feeling good at all I had a terrible headache DAD took me to the ER DR I wasn’t not eating and just wanted to lay around which for this DoodleBug Not normal at all for me not even a woof wooof in my voice.

Long story short I have Glacoma, so I had to go to another Dr and another one ohmy Dad an I were going going going we even went to MADISON WI to see a Eye Pathologoist which they said the best was to have my eye removed becaue I was in so much pain oh Doodles was I ever. Well, my name is

going to be Patch MCDoodle heee hee but I feel so much better no more headaches.But I am done sooo Doodley done seeing Dr. until Next Monday when I get my stitches out of my eye. Mo took me to have my surgrey done last Wednesday MOM cried well, I did too only because I said to MOM ‘I Ruf YOU” before she left me.

My eye was swollen for a few days and I have to take meds. I had this wonderful blue soft colar around my neck so I would not scratchy my eye but …… I was not a good Doodle with the soft collar I knkow have that Darn Hard Collar on grrrrumph! Not liking that at all.
Mom has been hovering over me so much that I gallopped up the stairs to see DAD “DAD can I go with you”””” Mom is by me all the time, DAD gave me a hug So I follow DAD downstuars and waited right by the door so he could take me with him, well DAD and I have been going so much lately theat I just wanted to be with my Dad.

Mom and I did go for a car ride. Yesterday Mrs. B came by I was so happy to see but she didn’t bring Abbey along which I don’t think I can play just yet. But I did see Julia Sweet Julia through the fence that was fun but I was told not to Put my head throught he fence my cone was in the way but…… I have to be careful.

I am doing prettty well each day I even saw that bunny in my backyard yesterday andchased it away.

So that is my story. I hope you all have a wonderful doodley day.

Love ya Willy BABE

I’ll be okay


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