Good morning

I can just tell that it’s a Monday Morning well, for instance the birds are chirrping just a little bit slower and the noise in the neighborhood is a bit louder,

grummmmph I just am NOT liking them fixing what ever it is they are fixing up on our street , well MOM and I have to take a different morning route and it is so doodley inconvient to do so, well, there are stones and gravel in some sections and MOM doesn’t want to walk on that stuff and I certainly dont’ want to do you know what that would do to my beautiful fluffy PAWS??

WEll let me just say that it sure would not be pretty at all !

Well I sure hope ya’ll had a wonderful weekend MOM and I did we even went on the Fox River Trail on Friday oh doodles it is so relaxing to be walking and sniffing along the way not have to worry about anyone comeing up and same Im’ on teh right oh doodles what the heck is that all about, well…. it is humans riding those two wheels things but they have fun so do we.
On the trail on Friday we saw some Geese a whole bunch of them by the time we got to where they were they were all waddling into the river darn a doodles darn ghrummmph so we kept on walking, turned around to go back and OH MY OH MY we saw a MAMA Deer and two of her little bambis sooooo doodles cute I tell ya, see MOM and I just have so much fun walking everywhere.

We sat in the park for a bit ahhhhh Summer just gotta love all the days that us doodles get to be with our moms ahhhh LOVE LOVE LVOE

Saturday MOM and Dad and me were outside all day long Dad was doing some trimming and MOM was pulling weeds I kept an eye on MOM because sometimes she forgets to close the gate door all the way then I can go for a walk to see my buddies ahhhh But MOM was careful hummmmph ahh it was too hot anyway to go for a walk, but LIttle Bell came for a visit yesterday so that was fun to play and run then we relaxed well, we are 9 Years old you know we just like to visit.

This morning we went for a early morning walk so thats why Im a bit late in getting my happy Doodle Message to everyone so
My Message today is

LIFE IS SHORT GO AND HUG A DOODLE or what every dog you have ahhhhh Smile and they will smile back to you well, you might have to have a treat in your hand HA HA HA AH

Have a Marvelous MONDAY

Love ya Willy BABE

Let s keep on walking


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