Good morning

BOOM BOOM crack crack oh my doodles how am I suppose to have a relaxing day when all I hear is BOOM BOOM crack and then my room lights up with bright light oh my doodles it is so hard being me

So MOM and Dad surprised me on Monday night when they picked me up on DADS car yep that is right I don’t often get picked up in my DADs car but oh my OH MY I got to ride in the back of my DADS car I was sooo very happy. And why do u ask why I got picked up??? ooops didn’t I tell you oh my doodles so much on doodley brain lately well, let me tell ya about my humans I love them, but they didn’t take me with them when they went to NASH , that is short for Nashville, I could not go with but you know what, I had some doodleicious fun at my sitters house.

Yep I did as soon as mom dropped me off I went right to my spot, well actually MOM dropped my leash and I walked right into the house YES I like my Sitter all right I do. she even cleaned my ears for me the other day too, ahhh and I got to play and sleep in a bed that was as comfy as can be, also my doodle friends I can sit on her coach and look out the window ahhhh she has so many squirrels and birds I was just watching them, Ms. N told mom and MOM said oh he sits on my coach all the time. and why NOT I AM FAMILY>

Some days I like to sit and watch my world go by and other days I just like to watch whatever.

Mom and I took an early mornign walk yesterday and found out that our pattern has to change some road work going on grrrrrrr but we can handle that one.

Well I must get moving along MOm is heading to Yoga

OOOo before I forget those noodles get you everytime. Mom took me to my favorite store yesterday and well, I was sort of a naughty doodle we went down the food aisle of course well, I opened up a bag of dog food, OOOPSSSS Doodles Mom told someone and they said it happens all the time, hmmmmmm Well I gave the clerk a nice smile and wagged my tail.

Have a very wonderful Day and wag your whacky tail

Love ya Willy BABE



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