Well I am so glad yesterday is over , whoooosh that was a fun day first a walk with MOM then we did errands well, we had to because MOM grilled Ribs all afternoon so well, when I am not so sure as wHAT WE ARE doing well, its like well, you know I just have to know.

So MOM and I took a shorty walk well it was a bit warm and I knew MOM had stuff to do so I was okay but as you all know a short walk for mom means a lonnnnng walk, and we didn’t even go for ICE CREAM can you believe that? YES what the doodles was up ??? Not even a Frosty Paw in the freezer. And who’s fault is that??? Well MOM”S of course I can’t go to the grocrey store to get Ice Cream only MOM can I suppose she could put some clothes on me and just let me walk by her side, but….. I am pretty sure someone would suspect that I was a DOODLE then all kinds of peole would wANt to pet me and ask all about me, OH Doodles a Hard doodle life I lead grummmmph

Hmmmmm My Uncle Bill told MOM that he brings his little one to Home Depot now what would happen if I went into a store would they stop MOMand ME///// Well there is only one way to find out !

Yes I just have to convince MOM that it is a good idea and I know she is always up for good ideas. ha ha ha So All those louds noises are gone now YEAH YEAH. OOOO
and another important part of my doodle Noodles LIfe

THE CHAIRS are GONE yes I can now go over and see my sweet Julia ahhhh FINALLY Mom put grass seed down in the corner and the rainhasn’t been so bad so there is GRASS a little mud but not that YUCKLY stuff. So now when Mom goes over to talk to Mrs. F I can go over and see my sweet Julia ahhhh Life as a Doodle is wonderful .

Also last night after our walk o yes Dad went too we were in the backyard all of a sudden woof Wooof that was me Mr. and Mrs. O stopped by and Miss Maisy May was along and we were asked to go over I was so super doodley excited my tail was waggin I had a SMILE on my face ahhhhhh Maisy’s yard so much fun to be in her yard and smell and look at all the things.

I was so happy looking all over the backyard and stepping over this little fence that was meant for Maisy to stay out of ooopppps OH DOODLES I sure had a fun 4th of JULY, and when we went home there were fireworks all over the place in my area ahhhhh FUN FUN FUN but I was safe and in my yard with MY MOM AND DAD>

Then this morning Mom and I took a nice walk which is good because it is raining now so I’m not sure if we will be walking later on.

Well gotta rest a bit I had an exhausting day yesterday, Just keeping an eye on MOM which i love to do..

Love ya Willy BABE

Love the day after 4th of JULY


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