Happy 4th of JULY

Happy Happy Happy 4th Happy Happy 4th oh my oh MY It is a HAPPY 4th !

Well I am very happy all the time expect for last NIGHT grummmmph so Dad went to the store to buy some new shoes MOM and I waited for our time to go for our walk, so as we are walking we are just taking our time it was a little muggy an I just wanted to take my time, as we are walking and I am sniffing hmmmmm I stopped turned and who is behind us????

My Human DAD is oh my doodles I sure was waggin my tail it’s always nice to have Dad along on our walk he makes my walks extra happy so we Are walking and I am sniffing Dad wants to walk fast so mom starts to move a little bit faster Dad is breaking in new shoes ahhhhh so we are walking and talking and greeting everyone that is outside and there sure were alot of people outside last night, then all of all sudden guess what happens???

Dad decides to go left and MOM and I were going to go straight still yes we were contiuning our walk with out DAD HUH HUH MOM ??? MOM???? oh my doodles only one thing for me to do and ktht is take Doodley Charge of this stiuation.

So Dad waved goodbye I looked on with my sad doodle eyes, andstopped I just didn’t move at all MOM says come on We will meet up with Dad later Big Guy, ahhhh MOM I wanted to walk with DAD tooo! ! ! sO I kept looking back and back stopping not moving just thinking MOM would say okay lets catch up with DAD, but NOOOooOO Mom wanted to go her route oh do you know what now///

Mom says we have to change our routes a bit hmmmm

But anyway WE got home and DAD was waiting outside for us ahhhhh LOVE LOVE LOVE Mom even let go of my leash so I could jog on over to my DAD

So today MOM did a little yoga, when she came home she took me for a short walk of 2 miles yes what a great morning to walk,

OOoo before I forget I like the 4th and yes this big guy is a big afraid of those loud noises at night time lately MOM even stays outside with me as I am doing my nightly Duty.

Heeee Heeee So today we are making some delicious food yes ! I love delicous food

have a wonderful Happy 4th of July BE SAFE

Love ya Willy BABE



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