Happy Friday

Ohy My Doo0dles Oh my Doodles we have had so far two 2 days of sunshine oh my doodles let that sun come on my yard Yipppppeeeeee4

Can you believe it that the sun my MR SUNSHINE has been shinning oh yeah shinning on down on my backyard oh How I love that sunshine !! ! ! !!
I can lay on the grass and sing a song and twist and twist all day long all day long shake and rattle roll ahhhhhh

I know I know I wasn’t on yesterday but I had some cool stuff too do with my MOM like Picking Strawberries oh my and the sweet smell in my car ahhhhhh How I love when we take that drive to get those strawberries then of course I have to just lay on the kitchen floor to watch my MOM and too0 make sure she does thata jam thing right Ahhhh

I have a ruff ruff life as a doodle I have to watch everything like last night for a chance Mom and I walked just for 2 miles it was getting a little muggy outside and my tongue was starting to hang just a wee doodle bit. But….. when we came back home we always sit outside on the deck and just enjoy the evening so I was laying on the grass watching over my yard and all of a sudden a BIRD flew right by my head oh my doodles I can hardly belive what happened MOM laughed Seriously MOM that bird could of lifted me off the ground and taken me who knows where ???

MOM of course thought I was exgratting big HUGE doodle time. well…. maybe a bit but a bird has never swooped down by me before.

So tomorrow is Saturday ahhhhh Saturday but today is Friday so I have to concentrate on FRIDAY not sure yet what we are doing MOM has Yoga and then a hair cut then I hope she has time for me !

Well who wouldn’t have time for me?? Right ooooo I went to the vet and I am happy to report I am 89#’s ahhh not so bad for a 9 year old

have a wonderful doodle3y day and SMILE

Love ya Willy BABE

Hmmmm what is going on over that fence?


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