Good Morning

Well oh Well what is up with this rain??? HUH HUH well then MOM reminded me on our walk yesterday that TOMORROW is the First Day of SUMMER doodles doodles Iforgot so its okay for the rain now BUT NOT TOMORROW grummmph why why oh why because MOM and I have so much fun when it is sunny and not gloomy well of course I can walk longer and kahhhhhh you do see more pups outside too.
Like yesterday we started just a weee bit doodle late well thats okay MOM slept in and she deserves it I say with my fluffy paws oh yes she does ! So its a wonderful doodleful day yesterday was, as we were walking MOM and I spotted another Human walking with a little human they ran across the street and said “We are from out of town, and miss our Pup can we pet yours?”

Well of course then MOM embarassed me she said I do that all the time when I am on vacation MOM MOM come on really do you have to embarass me????? Oh doodles well she did , so I said take me next time and she said YES YES YES we will

Yeah Yeah vacations here I come and I don’t have that much to pack either my leash a few toys and LOTS OF treats then I need my bone and my blankie well of course I have a blankie don’t you???

WEll I have a wonderful weekend my human sister came for a visit and she brought my cousin Maisy along and well, MOM opened up the door to the backyard and whooosh came Maisy into the yard I chased her then wAIT a MINUTE where is KareN???? OH there she is !

I danced to the left danced to the right with a shake shake all around kthat is the doodle doodle happy dance then I gallopped to her with my floppy ears running in the yard and the sun I went to Karen got a hug ran back to chase Maisy ahhhh such a great weekend we had !

Mom and Karen did some Yoga we could not go I missed Yoga with your pups hmmmmm I so wonder how that would of turned out hmmmmm maybe next time. On Saturday night we had a fire in our fire pit and I must of exhausted Maisy she didn’t want to stay outside with us hmmmm very strange but we played a lot and it was warm for us oh doodles that is ok I fell asleep on the cool grass. ah ha hahaha

Ooops Mom says I get to go too Beths today to get groomed which is good I have a hard time seeing out of my eyes with the hair covering it

soo Doodle Doodles toyou and you and you until we talk again may the Sun shine, so we can get those smiles on our faces again

Love ya Willy BABE



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