Happy Friday happy

Am I happy oh yes I am Yes I am I am Happy it is Friday Friday FRIDAY and guess what MOM said that since we have been having such a doodle of a wonderful week, we will celebrate with ZESTY”S todaY OH yes oh yeah THAT MEANS NOT SURE IF we will walk because it is warm but>>>>>. We can always take the care have our ice cream then walk a the trial.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think that is a marvelous Idea I only had once Ice Cream this summer and of course that was on my Doodle Birthday when I turned 9 years young.

Ahhhhh Hey yesterday Mom had some errands to run well actually she took the car so we didn’t do anything fun but….. when she came home we played and I got a treat ahhhhhh I think though she just might stop that a little bit I go to the vet next weeek and well, I don’t want all these treats going to my hips then I get that look from the VET well, NOt really but…… I know my Mom gets that Doodle look in her eyes too OH YES she does I’ll have snap a picture of it and Why can’t I she is always taking pictures ofme !!!

Last night we just relaxed in the back yard I was woofing and ruf ruf with the other pups in teh neighborhood No we were not complaining just talking thats all I would run from one end of my gate to the next back and forth it was fun Mom laughed and she didn’t even once say “WILSON” ahhhh I think she was enjoying the fun too !!!

OOOooOO well you know we have that mud in the corner of our yard well we do so Mom put some chair surrounding the mud puddle well, Maisy is coming to visit this weekend, but ….. Doodles MOM I don’t go there well, of course I do I like to see my Julia I check every morning to see if she is there waiting for me to nuzzle my Doodle nose to hers hahahha I gave mom that LOOK MOM really , but oh doodles yes really.

Have a wonderful Fun Filled Fantastic Friday
LOve ya Willy BABE



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