Good Morning

Oh what a beautiful day oh my oh my the sun is shinning the birds are singing and Me an Mom took such a nice walk today and we saw many many puppies walking we even saw a flying puppy again, it wasn’t the one we usually see it was a different one and why oh why does this guy want to fly I guess to get where he wants to go which hmmmmmm I just don’t understand just like when MOM and I walk and we hear well I hear it first other puppies barking at me

Well HEY Oweners get us outsdide I tell those pups through my Doodle sensitive thoughts I sure do have the wonderful ability to send my Doodle telepadoodle thoughts to any of those pups that see me , and It’s up to them to tell there owners.

Yesterday Mom and I took an early walk and oh my we went like 3.5 miles it was fun and luckily my tongue didn’t hang out at all well a little bit when we got closer to my house, then we sat outside MOm did some stuff, and I waS SO super doodle excited she finally uploaded some pictures to start my summer adventures, so right not I am not having too many adventures MOM is still relaxing hmmmmmm I say enough of the relaxing lets go go DOODLES go !

ooO Yesterday we had an awful storm MOM and I were sitting out on the deck just enjoying the breeze and the dark clouds hmmmm wilson we better get inside but first let’s put things away so she did no I can’t help but I can give her my support by smiling

Well we went out to the porch I heard Mrs C voice I took MOM over there to say HI HI but all of a sudden sirens went off so MOM went bACK home this was not your ordinarly doodle rain to sit out on my porch nope nope NOPE Mom went into the basement for a bit MOM??? MOM??? what about me well, MOM didn’t stay too long lbecause well because she likes storms.

The wind was blowing rain pouring down oh my oh my “Don’t worry MOM , I’ll protect you so I did.

We had one tree branch fall down against our fence when Dad came home he moved it and would not letme outside HUH HUH what was the doodles up with that Hmmmmm so when MOM came home from dinner with friends which I didn’t go she let me outside I went right over the the tree and put my leg up and well the rest is doodle history.

Well I have

Just having fun

to get moving along and doodleing too I think today is an ice cream day because of the day its THURSDAY thats why !!

have a great doodle day

Love ya Willy BABE


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