Oh My Doodles Oh My Doodles Summer Summer is finally here Mom is off for a few Months oh MY Doodles Summer is HERE !!!

HEY SUMMER SUMMER Sweet Summer time MOM is home we sleep in a bit go for walks and hmmmm I know I have my list somewhere but ….. Where oh Where did I put that LIST??

We don’t need any doodle list we know exactly what to do well, of course Walks in the morning which yesterday I was totally confused by going in the morning, Mom didn’t really prepare me but I knew as soon as she got my leash ready and away we went well I actually showed her the way I wanted to go !! and oh my Doodles we had fun but we only went 2.5 miles My tongue started to hand just a wee doodle bit and Mom knows when that happens we have to cut the walk short by a doodle tad.

And since it is SUMMER SUMMER time we are not on any schedule so which means MOM will forget that she just gave me a treat well, is she is having an apple I sure should get a treat right???

Summer Summer SUMMER SUMMER summer time is might fine I can get what I want oh How I love the summer time.

Now, last night we were going to go for just a short walk I know a what you all are thinking but MOM promised a short walk so I waited and waited the rain drops came the wind came and BANG BOOM thunder and Lightening oh Doodles so what do MOM and I do we sit outside on the porch well, of course we are under cover but when a HUGE i Mean DOODLE HUge Lightening strike came streaking across the sky I gave mom MY worried Look MOM ? MOM?? we better go inside.

Mom likes to watch storms as she sits on our front porch well, of course I didn’t have to go outisde but someone had to be there for mom It’s not fun sitting outside by yourself HA HA HA

Well gotta get mioving along today we have to upload our pictures of SUMMER TIME FUN WITH WILSON ME

Love ya Willy BABE

Let’s get ready for our adventures


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