OOOOO Doodles I was waggin waggin my big fluffy tail this morning I also was waiting for MOM to come down the stairs and I did my DOODLE DOODLE Rompin Doodle DANCE
SHE SMILED andgave me a big hug this morning I had a smile on my face too

Because SCHOOL IS OUT TODAY oh yea SCHOOL IS OUT FOR THE SUMMER well, not until later on this afternoon for MOM but she is excited and I of course am super doodle dooley excited, PLUS my little HUMANS Yasmin and Reef are done with school so when I get to visit them in this summer I can play and play and Of course I am excited to meet my new cousin KUBO, ohmy doodles I am just so so very happy that today is the start of new adventuresd..

My first adventure of course is too go shopping with mom and see if I can sneak somefood ahhhhhh oooops I should not of said that but oh doodles I did.

So let’s dance dance doodle dance lets put our two paws together and stomp stomp stomp and go around in circles and stomp stomp and doo thhe doodle dance.

OOO before I forget thank you all for the birthday wishes and cards treat everything it was as wonderful delightful doodlicious evening

When MOM came home she fed me then we went for ICE CREAM and I saw the line oooops well thats okay a cute little one was petting my waggin tail she had pretty red hair, so anyway as I was ever so patient in waiting another youngen came to pet me too then MY ICE CREAM ahhh Sorry KIDDOS but ….. ice cream comes first NOW. then MOM and I walked the trail a bit not far because I just ate, ahhh so much for on my birthday Its hard to belive that I am 9 years old ahhhhhhh I still feel like a puppy I do really !!!

Have an awe3some summer everyone oooo don’t you worry I’ll still be here writing away with my fluffy paws heee heee Doodleness forever

Love ya Willy BABE

School is out today


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