Good Morning

Well Helllooooo It is a doodley fantastic Day today because ….. are you ready get your singing voice r4eady Meee meeee meee lalalalal

Happy Doodle Birthday to ME Happy DoodleBirthday to ME Happy happy HAPPY Birthday Happy Happy Birthday to ME
I’m going to wag my tail all day Going to wag my tail ALL Going To Going to Wag Wag WAg my Tail all day because
today is MY BIRTHDAY MY Birthday My Birthday.

Plus I am going to sit by the window well, not all day I do have to rest but I’m going to watch for that mail truck guy to come or theFED EX guy or UPS guy someone I know will come and drop off a HUGE birthday package for ME ! ! !

So not only is it a whacky wonderful Wendesday it is my 9th BIRTHDAY I am sure happy today PLUS

MOM only has 3 MORE days left this week what the doodles I just might get Zesty’s twice this week. Well of course I will go tonight and then I am sure onFriday MOMS last day of the school year I can tell because she is doing a last day of school dance every day I’m trying to get the steps but….. MOM has strange moves sometimes.

Yesterday after our walk MOM and Dad were sitting on the deck I was minding my own business then all of a sudden a bunny hopped through my backayrd I didn’tsee it I was busy chewing on a stick, hmmmm But you would think MOM or DAD would of said “Wilson LOOK LOOOK a bunny!” but. NOOOoooOOO gheez doodles I think they thought I saw that bummy but my hair is covering my eyes a bit k MOM I need a trim again just around my eyes.

Well gotta get moving along and watching for the Doodle truck that will deliver my goodies.


Love ya Willy BABE

Happy Birthday to ME !

In Case you didn’t know I am
9 years young today !


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