GOOOOOD MORNING it is MONDAY I KNOw I KNOW but hey MONDAY leads to Tuesday then WEDNESDAY did I mention that WEDNESDAY is my 9th Birthday OOOOO Doodles I can hardly wait I have a doodle sneaky tail waggin feeling that MOM is going to get me a new TOY I I sure do deserve a new toy I only have a gallizion doodle toys what is ONE MORE??

O boy was it a panting kind of a weekend it was warm and muggy but I am not complaing because this is MY BIRTHDAY WEEK I am going to be 9 years young !

Sooo On Saturday I helped out my MOM with some flower planting just a bit I mostly stayed in the shade then I would help I think my MOM got some of my doodlenss sillies too she was going from one spot of the yard to the other then anohter MOM??? MOM??? Only I can do that ooops she says you are right ONLY YOU

Did I tell you my BIRTHDAY is WEDNESDAy an MOM said she will look up a special doodle treat for me because ITS MY BIRTHDAy AND I am going to wag w ag my fluffy tail all day long.

OOOOPpps I think I forgot this is also my MOM”S last week of school then I have her all to my self andk oooo my doodles I forgot to make up my summer doodle list of stuff we have to do everyday hmmmmmmm I think #1 on MONDAY will be……. shhhhhhh its a surprise.

I think MOM and I will take a walk tonight its been very muggy for this fur baby

Mom has a certain silly grin on her face too I think she is going to be happy all week long not that she isn’t anyway but…… the last week of school ahhhhh then we have plans for all kinds of things I just have to make that list. so away I go to make my summer doodle list before MOM makes hers Not that I don’t do my list first because I DO sometimes MOM just likes to be laszy hahahhaha

Have a wonderful week everyone I sure will.

It’s my birthday on WEDNESDAY

Love ya Willy BABE

Come on SUMMER


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