Good Morning

Well I must say that I had a big BIG weekend the other weekend, hahahahah First of all MY mom didn’t tell me the secret because well, she thought that when DAD was petting me she was a little cautious that I would spill those noodles that are in my brain Gheezzzz a doodle MOM really I would not do that heee hee oh yes I would, well, I am a doodle and sometimes we doodles just blurt out our words through our eyes, well of course I know when MOM is teasing me , like the other day I was being a little stubborn when My humans wanted to go somewhere well, of course I heard them I also saw that MOM had different shoes on YES that was a give away.

So the big surprise was that my Human brother “Bob came home for the weekend and Jane too oh my doodles I was surprised I quickly grabbed my blue ball but , oh gheezzzz Bob just petted me then he went over to my DAD well, of course it was Dad’s birthday weekend, then Bob played later with me.

OOoooo Karen was here aLong with Maisy we had fun running and running, but you know what was strange On one of the days maybe it was Monday, well I wanted to play and play but My Maisy didnt’ she just wanted to look come on Maisylet’s play come on lets play I kept saying I taunted her and every doodle trick I could think of and I got NOTHING


oh doodles I must be going I’ll chat later on

Love ya Willy BABE

Hey just wanted to let you all know my birthday is SOON

8 more days and my MOM Is home for the summer


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