Happy Friday

Oh its Firday oh Its Friday Friday Friday oh yeah it is a long weekend and MOM and DAD will be home oh how i Love Friday’s plus my human sister Karen is coming home for the weekend and I get to see my cousin Maisy is coming too and my corner in my back yard oh sure it is muddy but not too bad I don’t think Maisy will be taking a mud bath this weekend.

All i have to do is keep my paws crossed that it doesn’t rain and my corner gets really really dried out very very fast, oh doodle come on everybody lets cross oover our paws and NO RAIN NO RAIN we don’t want NO RAIN

Mom and I took a late night walk and it sure was fun lot of sniffs and we saw my Little friend Maisy May but do you know what??? We went past a house I stopped looked and oh my doodles it was just a pup I am not sure why oh why I stopped to look but I did , then it barked at me and I walked away , I’m not sure why these little guys like to bark at me and why are they always inside of there house, well, this one last night wasn’t but, what the heck it is beautiful outside come on Humans take your pups for a walk, let us outside so we can stretch our legs and wag or tail, and give you all big smiles .

I hope everyone has a happy tail waggin weekend, I know I will because I will be running and running and getting hugs my TAIL WILL be waggin,plus I will probably beg for some extra food, well, of c ourse I need those extras ha ha ha

Love ya all
Willy BABE

Maisy I’m excited to see you


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