WEll my MOM said that is is a kinda like a EEyore kinda day but WAIT WAIT I’m a doodle I can never have a grey kinda day MY day is filled with HUGS smiles TREATS and HUGS again.

Sure there are times that I think I can be a eeyore but not today not when we have had rain and rain and more rain because if I am feeling blue and THAT IS NOT MY COLOR my MOM will be feeling blue too, and THAT IS NOT HER COLOR EITHER> what ???? what is my MOMS color well, she likes Purple, orange and teal, hmmmmmmmm oh doodles .

Hey guess what my MOM says that this weeekend is a longnnnngggg weekend so we can plan a play date I just doodley hope that the sun will come out I just might have to break out into song

The sun will come out some d ay soon you can bet your waggin tail that some day someday the sun will shine again sooo Let the clouds blow away and lets bring out the sunshine so my yard dries upo and I can say hi to my Sweet Julia. its’ been ruf rufff not saying hi her side of the fence I think isn’t as muddy as my side hmmmmmm grummmph !

What to do today I guess I can count the raindrops that are falling on my deck they just keep on falling oh what to do with those raindrops falling falling falling, hmmmmmmmmmmm

I know this is short but. what the doodles if its raining outside my MOM doesn’t take me for a walk, and can you believe that she wanted me to go outside in the pouring rain last night??
gheeezzzz MOM MOM MOM well, of course I did but I waited it out for a treat hey I am a smart Doodle I know how to work it

Have a beautiful day and remember a day without a hug is a a blah kinda day

Love ya Willy BABE



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