Good Morning

Well oh well oh well, finally I have my own food to eat Yipppeee doodley dooodle dood

Yes My tummy was not feeling good and I think MOM knows why because when she was checking out the fence area yeah Muddy again Grujmmmmmph she saw some bunny fur well, I can’t say for doodle certain that I took some fur into my mouth, but …… it’s possible.

On Saturday I WAS FEELling soooo much better but…. Mom was cautious so we didn’t walk hmmmmmm I guess she was like that when my humans were little too, gheee thank you.

But on Sunday Mom said okay Willy BABE oh gheez MOM I like that when you call me Willy BABE I gave her my most famous smile ! WE went for a walk the wrong way yes I was sort of confused but…..I went with the doodle plan anyway hmmmm not so bad I thought but I was so happy that I just sniffed away through my walk, met a few new pups and ahhhh the Doodle life is for me !

Doodle Life Doodle Life it is the Life for me plenty of hugs and Plenty of attention not a day goes by without a little loving doodle life doodle life that is the LIFE FOR ME !

13 days left then MOM and I will be together every minute of the day oh doodles PLUS did you KNOW WHOSE Birthday is coming up???

Yep I will give you a tail wagging hint that was my hint tail waggin

have a wonderfuy doodley doodle fun day

Love ya Willy BABE

13 days ahhhhhh


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