Fluffy Friday

Hi doodles well, I had a tummy ache last night and MOM just was by my side all night long I even slept in my Human Sisters room and my Human brothers room, too Actually I just wanted to have boiled hamburger and Rice this morning now doesn’t that sound so yummy for my tummmy.

Not sure what happened but it could of been because of the grass i have been eating then I went digging in the wood chips oh doodles I am not tell I am just keeping my cute little smile to myself today, but last night Mom did take me for a short walk we walked right across the street to see my little ones and there was a very very tiny little one who we walking oh my doodles MOM and I went over there she was giggling over me I just smiled and smiled and wag my fluffy tail a bunch.

In fact my fluffy tail was wagging so much I dusted off come crumbs on the little ones nose heee heeee she liked it oh My Doodles , then MOM bumped into another person and we walked around two blocks so I was okay

but I just had a hard time getting comfortable but today I am almost myself so no worries I will be back to waggin my fluffy tail in no Doodle time at all.
Have a wonderful Fluffy day

Love ya Willy BABE

Happy DAY


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