Good Morning Good Morning what a beauitful day good Morning Good Morning I sure hope sunshine will be heading my way Plenty to do plenty of naps to take oh my waht a wonderful day !

It’s okay that it is gloomy outside this morning because MOM is still at work only for are you ready 16 more day yeipppppppeee doodley day Plenty of walks will be headed my way !

With lots of trips to where I am not sure but Beautiful day are headed my way ! ! ! !

Yesterday we walked and walked oh my doodles Dad noticed that when MOM takes me for along walk I drink plenty of water after my walk but On Tue3sday MOM didn’t take me so far I think she was doing an experiment on me and my walking hmmmmmm it sure did work. Last night we walked a lot oh doodles and she had to do my tongue check oh come on you remember she looks at my tongue to see how far its hanging well it wasn’t hanging so much last night so we went that extra mile and I of course smiled right at MOM>

Now for today I have to keep an eye on the flowers mom said too so I will Watch out squirrels expect of course my buddy Rocky , yeah I let him get away with alot of things shhhhh don’t tell mom

I guess I had better get moving along and singing my song in my head so that when MOM comes HOME I can demostrate to her my wonderful Doodley fun doodle songs.

have a wonderful Thursday ! !

Hey family in MT don’t worry about that white stuff we have green stuff on our grass hee heee love you MT Family

Love ya Willy BABE

I am wagging my tail , I’ll be seeing these guys very soon


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