Good Morning

Don’t you worry I am doing just fine yes I am I wagged my tail and gave my MOM a big grin this morning, well yes it is gloomy but I know deep down in my waggin tail that the sun will come out today bet your waggin tail that the sun will Shine and Shine down on me!

I had such a very doodly kind of a weekend MOM and I went the wrong way on two of our walks over the weekend talk about confusing me ! She did hmmmmm I kept looking and looking at MOM thinking and thinking hmmmmm are you sure MOM???/ Well of course I am Wilson no worries at all, when she says that oh Doodles I worry but ….. we did good

So yesterday was MONDAY and the sun was shinning Mom and DAD came home at the same time after work yesterday okh MY OH MY I just jumped up and up and of course they were little jumps i don’t go very high only if I am away for a long time from my humans then WATCH OUT Shoulders here I come way up to the top of MOM ahhhh she likes that.
So when Dad walked in first I was a bit confused because I knew MOM’s car pulled up too then allll of a sudden MOM MOM MOM I wagged my tail did little hops life is sooo good when my Humans are home .

And it was raining but MOM waited and waited very patiently for the rain to stop then off we went onto the streets on what we hoped would not be a raining night and of course she told Dad if it rains we would caLL, Dad said yep ok I’ll have my phone near by , whoooosh we even went a bit of a different way MOM was busy talking to Karen we made a slight detour got back on our route all of a sudden MOM realize oooops we were going to go down a different path,,oooooo MOM thats okay. So we walked and walked ahhhhh I was one tired Doodle after last night.

OOOOp Mom planted some flowers on sunday and had some in a box she was going to plant later on. well…….. I got to the box of flowers this morning no worries all is good MOM caught me before I could do too much damage MOM has eyes all over the place. ha ha ah

Well, I must get moving along MOM still didn’t up load those pictures yet , mmmmmmm I will have to keep giving her the paw until she does, have a wonderful doodly day

Love ya Willy BABE

Me and Maisy jut waiting and waitng for what????


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