Good morning

Guess what Guess What it is Friday Friday Firday today is Friday lets all wag our tails wag our tails wag or tails Today is Friday and it is a Fluffy Tail day !

I am just a bit confused MOM has her Yoga stuff on and its Friday/???? hmmmmm MOM MOM MOM I think she forgot that she was going to spend the day with me ! !
Its okay she just told me that Yoga is early this morning and then we have the whole doodle day together. She has the day off today because where she works they didn’t have to use an extra snow day sooooo Today is a day to have off don’t ask me how that works I’m just a doodle minding my own business, HA HA HA and if you believe that one I don’t want any treats!

HAHA HA soooo yesterday the sun was shining but but ….. and I am going to bug my MOM today I am going to promise with uncrossed paws that I won’t go in the mud even if my sweet Julia is by her fence part so MOM is going to check this all out for me oh doodles wish me good luck with getting of off this tye out grummmph!

Last night just before our walk MOM was talking with me about which route to take for our nightly walk, hmmmmmm I looked at her with my sparkling brown eyes she looked at me and gave me that grin so we went on our Park walk, oh yes we did and I am so so glad too, a lot of little ones were playing at the playground some people were at this baseball diamond and MOM and me we just walked and walked and smelled the trees well , I did, and I tell you some big dogs were by these trees, oh doodles.

And MOM and I agree, going an entirely different way last night was doodleawesome ! So have a wonderful doodle kind of a day have a great Friday and Happy Mothers Day to you all

Love ya Willy BABE

Happy Doodle Day MOM


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