Good Day

HI this has to be very doodley fast MOM was sloooowwwww this morning don’t know why but she was ! Mom was looking at the cardinals on the fence ahhhhg MOM MOM MOM I understand totatly but…

So yesterday afternoon the clouds came rolling in hmmmmmm MOM came home just a bit late made dinner then it happened sprinkes sprlinkles ghesszzzzz a doodle grummmph
I so like our walks every night and last night just because of a few sprinkles we didn’t go walking grummmmmph so what do I do MOM??????? I went by Dad and nuzzled him so we can go DAD would take me come on Dad take me take me nothing grummmmph grummmmmph oh doodles .

So I went outside all by myself Mom is concerned that I’ll go into the mud by Julia’s fence side oh she is sooo right. I will just have to get her confidence that I won’t go there I promise her but I did have my paws crossed well, of course I can cross my paws can’t you???

So who comes to our door last night and I was outside Little Miss Maisy May ahhhhhh I knew she was there my doodle sense were going going going very sensible for a Doodle.

Oh Doodles gotta get going along and wagging my tail again MOM has the day off of school tomorrow Yipppppppeeeeee! ! ! ! !

Have a wonderful thursday and I know today we will walk and if we don’t we should go to my favorite store of course !

Love ya Willy BABE

MUD what MUD??????


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