Good Morning

Woot Wooooot the sun is out the sun is out so let us all doo the doodley doodle dance, I can’t be happier that the sun is out shinning on my backyard My mom says that maybe just Maybe can be off my tie out very soon. OH MY do you doodles know how happy that will make me??

It just doesn’t make too much sense because with Maisy here this past weekend I was able to run like a doodle my ears flapping as I was gallopping in the yard oh of course my paws got very very muddy well, the gate area is a mud pit.

Such a mud pit that my Dear “Sweet Cousin Maisy’ took a mud bath oh doodles it was funny to watch all of us including humans just watched her as she turned and turned and plopped down in the
mud oh my oh my One of the humans that were visiting said it was time to go I think this human was afraid she would get splashed with MUD ahhhh Yes she would of .

So my Human Karen got out the hose and cleaned off Maisy well, of course I was next oooooo I knew that water would be cold but My human Karen was very careful with me HMmmmm
my mom still didn’t upload those pictures w ell, well, well, I will just bug her tonight.

So have an awesome day today and the sunshine fill your HEART with LOVE for ONE ANOTHER know matter what the problem will be !

Love ya Willy BABE

Can I have a little LOVE


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