Monday Monday oh my It is Monday and MOM says that it will be sunny outside and the back by the fence will dry out OH OIH OH doodles I certainly hope so.

Monday Monday oh How I love my Mondays, because MOM only has 4 days this week, see, because MOM didn’t have to use another snow day grrrrrr I don’t like that word especailly in the Spring time, she has Friday OFF OOOOOOo I can hardly wait because it is suppose to be warm outside and I think it might be a ZESTYS kind of a day

So On Friday night MOM didn’t take me for a walk which I thought in my doodle brain that it was a bit doodley strange then I thought hmmmmmm I should really look out the window oh doodles nothing but I could sense something my doodleness never lets me down, then all of a sudden wham guess who came up the driveway MY KAREN ahhhhh and of course my sweet little friend Maisy,I just didn’t know who to go too first well, of course it was Karen.

I went outside and MAISY she came plowing into the house to get some water and eat ahhhhMaisy hurry hurry lets play lets play, On Saturday MOM and Karen went shopping, Maisy and I just hung around together until our humans came home MOm put out the cushions on the chairs and we played and played yet even in the back by the fence taht was very muddy indeed.

So the humans put the chairs in the sunshine smart idea you guys, so all of a sudden our gate door opens up and who comes into the yard MOCHA ohmy doodles I haven’t seen Mocha all winter long, we we ran and ran and ran some more did we get Muddy oh my Doodles did we ever !

In fact my little cousin Maisy she took a mud bath in the corner of our yard oh my doodles the humans laughed me and Mocha just looked “what in the doodles is my cousin doing?”””|

Ooops gotta go I’ll have to finish later on guess what 23 more days left whoop Whoppp Doodle Whooo
Love ya Willy BABE

I just need to rest today


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