Good Morning

WAKE UP WAKE UP I know I know that you all want to sleep in but Wake up wake up !

yES yES yES It was a gloomy Sunday and I for one Mrs. Wonderful Doodle was napping all day on Sunday what else could I of done??? well, If I was a little pup in my young years I would of gone up the stairs and grabbed a stuff toy O YES I would ! !

But seeing that I am just only 8 years Old I do know better but I was so very tempeted to get into something but ……. MOM snuggled me aND KEPT on saying Willy BABE its just that kind of day to do NOTING AT ALL so I took my MOM’s advice and did not a DOODLE DOODLE darn anything, and as it turns out neither did my Cousin Maisy.

But MOM said on Monday which was yesterday we would walk, and boy oh boy I just could not wait for my humans to finish dinner last night.finally after a gazzillin doodle minutes, MOM and I took a walk ahghhhhhhh love it love it we saw quite a few humans out too I guess No one took a walk on Sunday,

So this morning when mom put me outside well, of course I still have to go outside NOT a single person invented a toliet for PUPS hmmmmmm, anyway MOM saw this first two ducks oh my doodles what do I do well, I am a friendly guy I wagged my tail and tried very carefully not to be noticed HA HA HA that is funny , then all of a sudden that took off with a QUACK QUACK QUACK< oh Doodles I sure didn't make friends with those two this morning.

I tried really I tried MOM and dad Smiled I guess they knew, oh doodles.

Well MOM has to go she only has 27 days left YIPPPEEEE sure hope by then the sun will come out !

Have a wonderful day
Love ya Willy BABE


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