Good Morning

Oh What a beautiful morning what a beautiful day plenty of bunnies hopping away they are only going away because I can’t reach them as fast as I would like to
Yes Yes I am still on my tie out grummmmph ! so all weeekend I was out on my tie out but I was still helping my MOM oh yes see with me on the tie out I was able to go to the other side of my gate and check on flowers growing and see my neighbor BLUE>

On Saturday MOM surprised me with a trip to the groomers I sort of thought I was going because I was starting to STINK eeeewwwww I don’t like to stink because I just don’t get as many hugs that way well, would you want to hug a stinky one???

The only sad part of getting groomed this time I normally get to run and run and run when I get home in my back yard but BUT beause of the soggy grass by the fence NO RUNNING ALLOWED< grrrrrrrrr oh doodles it is starting to warm up and soon I will be able to run and run and run ! ! ! !

OH doodles I have to get moving along and waggin my tail and I have so much more to say !

So I will leave you with this one little tidbit to brighten up your sun shinning day

MaY YOU ALWAYS WALK IN SUNSHINE, mAY YOU NEVER ARGUE TODAY mAY YOU MAKE SOMEONEs Heart light with laughter and May you hug your doodle or other dog today

Ahhhh HGA

32 more days Yipppeee doodley doodle doodles day

Love ya Willy BABE


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