Happy Friday

Well oh well not only is today Friday it is a HAPPY Doodle Friday oh yes it is I am not waggin my tail for nothing !!
Finally I can say that my Humans are feeling better I know mom is we took a walk last night and we had to go fast MOM and things to do back at the doodle house, I was sooo fine with that because I only went for a short walk the other day because of the rain and Dad had to pick us up, but we walked so fast I think we did our 3 miles under 55 minutes oH YES MOM is good !

Sooo Dad was home yesterday and I took care of him gave him my paw a few times but, I didn’t get any treats at all not like when MOM was home she gave me a treaT NOT ALL THE TIME,but I had my share.

Mom is smiling today Dad looked better today all should be good with my Human family ! Ahhhh Plus the sun is shinning and no RAIN to be had for a few days ahhhhhhh PLUS I get groomed tomorrow oh yes ! I do need to be groomed oh doodles did I just say that OH yes I did and I do I am shaggy and I feel like I smell like a DOG eeekskkks nothing wrong with DOGS I like them they are my favorite four legged buddies, but I much rather smell like a Doodle.

HA HA HA H oh my oh my did I tell you I have to be on that tie out again! grummmmmph well, it is very muddy in the back by the fence plus when I always came in my paws had to be wiped off which seems like it took forerver I mean for a doodle forever is LONNNNNNNG like who is going to be hugging me when I come back in ???? So once in a while I would just stare into the house then when one of my humans came to the door I would not come in well I knew what would happen the towel was there I saw it MOM and DAD they could never fool me it takes a lot of Doodlenesss to pull one over on this big guy!

With the weekend here I hope everyone will have fun and romp and stomp in the sun

OOOO Mom thinks there are only 35 days left ahhhhhhhh 35 days then summer fun will begin !

Have a wonderful Fluffy

Love ya Willy BABE

“Soon oh so soon we will be in the warm sunshine “


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