Good Morning

Well oh Well is it really Wednesday already just seems like yeterday it was Tuesday HAHAHA it was ! ! Soo on Monday when MOM came home from work she didn’t feel very well, so I could not take her for a walk, and the other night she was sick, But today MOm is feeling just a little bit better so off to work she goes, but who will I take care of today????

I think its time for me to just rest because MOM was in my favorite spot almost the entire day and I let her well, she does take care of me pretty good, expect when I have to go outside then come in and she has to wipe off my muddy paws.

Grrrrrrumph I just am not liking my wet very muddy backyard by the fence man oh Doodles man I sure hope my backyard dries up pretty soon because this is getting serious business MOM is teasing me about me standing right on the deck loooking inside, I know she knows I want don’t want to come in because I know the towel awaits me.

OOOOo of course its’ not that bad getting my paws wiped off but
Doodles every single day???!??!?!?? Yep oh Yep oh well, I think its better than grrrrr should I say that word???/ SNOW but my flowers are coiming up and the front yard is looking very pretty so I am hopeful that I will not be muddy much longher.;

Hey have a wonderful doodleyful day and remember the flowers come up and we can smell them ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Love ya
Willy BABE

Hey lets play in the MUD


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