Good Monday

I just want to say that I had a very nice weekend with my cousin Maisy girl oh my doodles we had fun she came on Saturday and MOM of course told me wayyy to early in the morning so doodle naturally I was watching and watching out my window. NOthing MOM MOM I thought you said she was coming OH Wilson have no fear your Maisy Dear will be hear soon.

grummmmph gurmmmmph when oh when but then all of a sudden I saw a red car pull up and out came Karen and Maisy girl yipppppeeeeee so I waited and waited I had my paws ready to dance and dance but Sorry Karen I have to say hi to Maisy first I was just too excited to wait MAISY MAISY lets play play play then I was like OOOPPPPS Karen I came rushing in sliding on teh floor and Saw my Karen and I said hi to Josh then back to Karen and out the door I go.

But I must say that my backyard was sooooo muddy that I had my muddy paws again oh doodles but Maisy well, she found the lake and DAD named it Lake Maisy, because we knew she would try to swim in the lake, and she sure did, it was funny too watch, and laugh but I got pretty muddy too I rolled in the wet grass and boy oh doodles do I smell like a wet dog YES a dog when I am a HUMANS Doodle


have a wonderful Monday
Love ya Willy BABE

I love my weekends


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