Good Morning

Oh my the sun is shinning oh goody doodley goody

OOOO how I love the sun when its shinning on me I just like to lay in the sun lay in the sun all day long ! I got the sun on my tail on my tail on my tail the sun I shinig on my tail all day long, I just might be a lazy doodle be a lazy doodle be a lazy doodle nothing wrong with being a lazy doodle all day long,

I will stretch and stretch STretch and Stretch Stretch and Stretch all day long ! HA HA HA AH I love todaY !

My backyard is drying out so very soon I will be able to see my sweet Julia I have missed her lately and Mocha well I haven’t seen her in a while either oh myt doodlels where oh where has every one been oh where oh where are they today ?? I have seen Miss Maisy and Bell but where oh here are my other buddies been??/ Come on come all out to the yard and play PLUS my Cousin MaISY IS COMING THIS WEEKEND TOO

So last night MOM says lets just go for a short walk, I of course looked at her with much speculation short????/ MOM really we never ever go for a short walk MOM’s walk version of a short walk is 3 miles so last night MOM wore a a hat mittens her long winter coat MOM its’ not that cold out ! ! But we went almost 3.5 miles ahhhhh and Not one PUP was outside last night what the doodles???

OH Well thats okay because I am liking this evening walks when it is a bit brighter ooooo and last night MOM and Dad were eating dinner MOM put me outside and when I was done doing my stuff, I came to the door but would not go inside Hmmmmmm I saw MOM wonder with her eyes then DAD told her Willy BABE doesn’t like his paws wiped and does the same at lunch time MOM laughed YES SHE DID
MOM this is serious stuff oh doodles I came in anyway and MOM wiped my paws gheeeeezzzzzz

Have a sun filled day filled with LOVE for one another

Love ya Willy BABE



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