Good Day

Ohmy doodles it is MONDAY already can you believe that one???? Where oh where does the time go oh where oh where is it???

I went somewhere this weekend while MOM and DAD went to play oh yes my humans like to play and get away for some fun time can you believe they didn’t take me well, I guess that is okay this time but next time I”M going with just like the time before ! ! !

So as we were getting ready on Saturday morning I could tell something was going on MOM did tell me I get to go too a babysitter AH MOM I’m not a babe anymore I am a full grown Doodle Human so I really can stay home alone ‘ MOM jut laughed NO Willy BABE who would let you outside well, I guess that would be a problem.

As MOM got me into the car actually all she had to do was say Wilson CAR and Im there So DAD then asked MOM got the keys OOOOPS MOM said NO but Luckily I grabbed then well I could tell my HUMANS had travelin on there brains, ahhhh and I got to go to Nancy house again and there were 4 big dogs there oh yes So as MOM and DAD left I went to the window to say good bye , ah ha and the Minute I saw they were in there cars safely I vanished out to play well, My Humans they are fun but Its’ Spring and there were otheres around sooooo

Mom and Dad had a great weekend down in Chicago, they visited my MOM’s Dad then went to Uncle Eddies to celebrat a BIRTHDAY and MOM said she got lots of d oodle lovin my aunt has 3 doodles, that is okay I know my MOM needed some doodle lovin.

When MOM and DAD picked me up I was going in circles and circles givin kisses and hugs , and ahhhhhh my HUMANS are back, I got home and plopped down on the floor in my favorite spot.

OOOOoooOOo so next time MOM and Dad drop me off for a short weekend , I don’t need my pillow nope there was an extra bed that I just plopped onto ahhh the comforts of being at the babysitter.

so everyone have a wonderful Monday and great week,.

Love ya Willy BABE

I’m not on my tie out anymore yipppppeeeeee


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