Happy Friday

Oh Happy Day OH Happy Day today is Friday Friday FRIDAY Today is Friday lets all do the dance do the doodle do the doodle do the doodle Doodle Doodle Romping Stomping DANCE

Put your two paws forward and shake shake shake shake put your two paws forward and shake shake shake , go to your human and nudge nudge nudge them just like a goofy doodle you are
What/?? no Im not goofy I just like to dance dance dance and move move move

Mom just loves it when she comes home from work or Yoga and I can give her a big doodle stomping paw beat do you do that when your humans come home I just like to jump and let my MOM know I missed her

So last night when she came home from work I greeted her and gave her my smile , and my little dance I was like come on MOM lets go outside to play , we did and I was doing my doodle crazies and do you know its hard to do the crazies when you have to me on a TIE OUT grummmph grummmph so like a good doodle mom I have she took me off the tie out and we played and played oh she sure did stay in the backyard with me Of course she didn’t want me to get muddy icky paws again and I didn’t either, its sort of a pain when I have to wait and wait give MOM a paw then another one then the other gheezzz a doodle .

Anyway MOM thinks one more day and I can be running again in the backyard OH HAPPY Doodle DAY

So now for today is Friday and MOM said we will go for a walk after the day is over then we have to make an Apple pie YUMMMMMMY I just might get some apple peelings oooo soooo good for my doodle tummy.

The sun is shinning MOM’s bulbs are popping up it is a good wonderful Friday

Have a Happy Day and may all of your doodle kisses be sloppy

Love ya Willy BABE

Happy Doodle Friday


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