Mom took me out for a walkkkkk yes yes she did i was able to walk and walk it was so much fun to talk and walk, as we were going on our walk, who is outside? Is it oh yes it is It is all the kids that live in that house , they come running out to me ! Just to say HI Oh How I like to say HI to them they always have sticky fingers for me to sniff!!
So off Mom an I go for our walk then who do we see I haven’t seen these people in a while so It was so much fun to get petted and hugged OOO did I forget to tell you who it was???

Well it was Mr. K and Mrs K of course MOm an Mrs. K talked talked and talked some more so I got some pets from Mr. K Buddy and me got to sniff just to say hi to each other well, its been all winter and we just have to say hi to an old friend !

As we continued our walk we went very far MOM kept saying just one more Block Willy BABE so we did just one more block I am really getting into my walking shape I can hardly wait for the summer time and I see all of those cute little ladies. oh gheeezzzzzz

OOOO gotta go lose doodle track of time

love ya will babe


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