So these April showers are going to bring MAY flowers???

Well this rain is doing nothing absoutly Doodley nothing for my social life by the fence oh yes the backyard had dried up and I was able to say hi to my buddies I went to the fence but know one was there ! ! !

Anyway I am back on my tie out AGAIN all of this rain has gotten back onto my yard and the pond is back and the flowing creek by the fence oh my doodles and me gettingMUDDY is not a fun time at all so says my MOM !

I just get a little extra loving on the clean on my paws and everything at what is so wrong with that??? Well,,,,,,, its not fun for me to wait and wait wait some more, so for now I just have my weekend memories of my walks and meeting other pups along the way.

Ahhhhhhh memories and No mom still didn’t download any of the weekend pictures but maybe tonight after we take or walk I am going to keep my doodle paws crossed oh ye !

Well, I guess it is just a day to snuggle and keep warm under the grey gloomy sky but I heard it is suppose to get better later on so here is tooo warmer weather Ruff ruffffff

Have a wonderful
Doodley Day

Love ya Willy BABE

Mr Sun come out soon


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