Happy Monday

Well I sure had a doodle happy weekend of course and I hope your tail was waggin as much as mine was.

Let me tell you about my best weekend there were treats and walks and lots of sniffs and many many pets along the way Let me tell you it was so much fun walking side by side with my MOM and talking to her and smiling up at her she was just laughing oh of course we took pictures MOM just has to dowload them again !

Gheeez I wish there was something magical that MOM could do about that one !

You will never ever guess in a gazllion years where MOM and I went over the weekend so I will just tell you We went to a PARK and walked along the trail oh my doodles so many people walking and walking,, humans were on those two wheel things, zooming past me not even stopping to say HI what a cute doodle you are !

But as we walked we went to this bridge and we all know how MOM does not NOT like bridges but this was a safe one, and she teased a few kids they thought I was a polar bear but MOM said only in the winter time but COME SPRING I get to be a LION wooof kruff ruff kwoooof yes ! ! !

Then of course we went for a puppy latte at my other favorite place no ICe Cream YET we save that for the really really hot days

Hey I gotta get going along waggin my tail all day long and dream about how nice it was NO SNOW YES !

Have a doodle kind of day kick back smile and enjoy !

Love ya Willy BABE

Can I get a belly RUB


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