Good Morning

Hey Hey Hey its Friday so lets shake our fluffy tails and do that doodle dance and move it move it MOVE IT how I love to MOVE IT yep it’s Friday Friday I get my humans for two whole days so we have lots to do too make up for them being on VACATION! ! ! Well you do know that a day without your doodle hugs and smiles makes one not doodle perfect.

Yes so they were gone for 7 days and I was gone for 7 days so that makes 14 hours of lovin this weekend you can bet I will go where ever my MOM goes in fact last night I was following her around or just looking to see where she was going , sad to say we didn’t go for a walk its was snowin raining so it was awful even for this Doodle guy.

ANd I am complaining I still have to be on that Goofy tie out because of our LAKE in the corner of our yard oh gheez I just want to run and run and run and rub my doodle nose to see if my buddies are outside I am sure they are worried about me not going by the fence.

Hey kids don’t worry its suppose to be nice this weekend so maybe just maybe the lake will dry up so we can rub our noses by the fence. I even tried to
Woof wooof a message yesterday and Not a SINGLE buddy was ruffing back, hmmmmmm I think all the humans are keeping us close to the houses so we don’t get muddy I know that is waht my mom is doing I heard her telling my dad.

OH Doodles Its time to go and spread some cheer so have a great Friday and don’t worry I know the sun will shine again !

Love ya
Willy BABE

I’m ready for Spring are you>?


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