Good Morning

OH MY OH MY I just don’t have alot of time this morning well, MOM was just moving slow I think she is still in her vacation mode today, and I must say I am feeling beter, yes this big guy had a bad tummy doodle ache so I was just not my doodle self.

So sad I know but now I am feelin so much better and even better is that MOM took me for a walk yesterday and on the way Home Is saw two of my neighbor humans ahhhhh yea they were
Bell’s humans and Bell was woof and wooof at me come on Bell you see your humans all the time and I don’t so what was the fuss well, my little Girlfriend just needs to play with me,

OOOo MOM and I figured out that is just might be Maisy May’s 9th birthday soon mine is in JUNE don’t foget but I just might be traveling on vacation with MOM and DAD this summer Yipppeeeee doodle doodle DOoodle

and I just want to also say before I have to leave that I AM STILL ON MY TIE OUT BECAUSE OF OUR LAKE

Thats all

Gotta get moving along singing and wagggin my tail its’ suppose to warm up and maybe oh
doodles just maybe and I have my paws crossed that my backyard will dry UP

Love ya Willy BABE

have a nice day


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