Hi I am back from vacation well, of course I went om a vacation MOM and DAD did so diiiid alot of other humans because where I was oh my doodles there were six other doodles but of course I was the best I was even made Puppy of the day, Mom was so happy that I was puppy of the day, gheezz guess what I got for being Mr. doodle as I asked to be called for the day they asked and I told them.

I had so much fun being away I played and stayed up late oh those kennel people think they are soooo very smart but us pups we know how to party as soon as those lights are out wooof wooof ruff rufff HA HA

Ohmy look at the time I must be going but, I just have one more thing to say I AM SO GLAD TO BE BACK, I just wish the lake we have in our back yard was gone MOM put me on the tie out because of the muck mucky mud she is afraid I’d go in the lake and get all muddy gheeez MOM is smart because I would sure as a doodle wags its fluffy tail each morning !

Also last night Dad was getting all of his soccer stuff ready and put his STUFF on my PILLOW YES HE DID so when I came in for the night I went up onto the couch and what?????

DAD DAD AHEM I just stood on all four paws Dad moved the stuff but oh my doodles MOM and DAD laughed I didn’t think it was so funny so happy I make them laugh, now that I think about it I laughed tooo

So have a great Tuesday see ya all tomorrow

Love ya Willy BABE

Im little down in the doodle dumps can’t run in my backyard woof woof


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