Good Morning


Well, I am totaly positive that all my doodle Noodle friends missed me !

I missed you too , Mom had a slight accident at work but she is OKAY NOW nothing like a little tender doodle loving to make her feel ALLLLLL BETTER

I did my best to snuggle with MOM make sure she gave me treats and gave me hugs and more treats too! I am sure I did my best because she is feeling pretty good which is awesome because do you know what HOLIDAY IS ON FRIDAY???? Well one of most favorite ones for sure.

Walls for the wind, (which I should of used last week ) And a roof from the rain, Snuggling besides your humans, Laughter and hugs to CHEEER your human , and to Keep your humans close by,those our the best days to be had !

OOOoooOO I have so much to say and so little time too do it all in But MY MOM is Healthy and smiling again that is what makes me HAPPY on the Day before St Paddy’s day !



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