Good Morning !

Whooosh so happy that the wind has stopped Whooooooosh went the trees and the breeze oh my Dodles do you know that the wind the last few days just gave me the worst hairstyle ever ! ! !

Then to top it of when MOM and I walked the other day I could handle it very much not many pals were outside expect for that ONE PUP that when we see it that pups growls at me its not my Doodle Fault that I’m cute YES and is name oh my his name is teh growler we call him, because I don’t know his name ! haha ha

Growler looks friendly MOM was even at one time going to give him a treat so he likes us but she changed her mind quickly when not only did he GROWL but Barked YES BAKRED at us !!!

Now when we seer Growler we just move to the other side of the street ! ! ! OOOOOOooOOO the other day when we walked MOM and I ran into Effie she is that little doodle and when I say RAN I ran well, I havent seen her in a while , but Effie’s MOM asked if we used Nancy the dog sitter and she said yes ! And that I liked going there but I had to have a time out !

gHEEEEZZZZ mom DO YOU HAVE TO TELL EVERYTHING! ! I of course gave her that look ! !

Now yesterday Mom got home a little early and oh my doodles we waited a bit but when we took a walk that WIND nearly KNOCKED over my MOM ! ! ! HA HA HA Okay it’s not funny but sort of cool to see my MOM balance, the Yoga she does comes in handy > at one point Mom and I had our heads down gheezz MOM MOM MOM can’t we walk down a street that the wind is not blowing so hard???
We did whoooosh that was so much better for This BIG GUY ! ! !

OOOO last night I saw MY little girlfriend walk up the street with her humans OOOo before those noodles get in my way of Thinking there are a gazzlion twigs and some branches down in my backyard and I almost thought the fence was going to get knocked over to then I would of been able to see Blue Yep as long as he stays on his side we are doing okay Mom doesn’t know this but we have been sniffing through the fence, we don’t even bark talk at all But I’ll get Blue in the loop once we are all outside for a long time.

Have a Wonderful Thursday !

Love ya Willy BABE

Wind stopped I won’t fly away today !


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