Good DAY

OH MY doodles have you been outside this morning yet????

WEll I have and I will say with very good news that it is WINDY oh my my tail is flying in the wind along with my ears flapping too ! I thought I could fly off to FL, but I know MOM and DAD would miss me if I didn’t take them along ! But MOM and DAD could come its just that I am not sure on my plane if I would have room for them.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OH OH OH well this weekend MOm and Dad went away and I got to go on a small vacation too I had fun with other pups but was so happy to see my humans come pick me up!!!

Mom took me for a walk just so I could sniff everything again well of course did you know that sometimes that tree that you have sniffed a gazillion times just doesn’t smell the same after the snow has melted.

OOOOoooOO did I t ell you the snow melted yes well it rained the other day or was that last night hmmmmmm the noodles in my brain are acting up but anyway we just have a doodle tiny one on my deck so that means no MORE eating snow gheeezzzzzz I guess it will be water for me then which is probably better .

Also on the weekend MOM and I went shopping for my new little four legged cousin expect I was a tiny wee bit naughty in the store well, I was soooo doodley exscited that I had too double and triple check everything out I even well, this was how naughty I was NOW come one I don’t get naughty that often, but we were in the aisle by the KONG stuffers well, let me tell you the peanut better ones are super Doodle delicious ! ! HA HA HA HA so my little Kubo it will be a few days before you get your package but I”LL woof ruff rufff so you know when it arrives.

So have a wonderful Tuesday and keep your flappy ears down. hga ha ha

Love ya Willy BABE

Is it still windy???


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