Good Morning

The sun is shinning but….grrrrrrrrrdoodles we have SNOW SNOW SNOW eekkkkkk I am not a fan of this ANYMORE so Please Please stop ! ! ! !

Mom and I could not even go for a walk last night because of the snow coming down comeing down all of those snowflakes coming down and landing on my Nose!

But today the sun is shinning and there is a blue sky and I must admit to my wagging tail that it is pretty outside with the mounds of snow on the treesss WAIT WAIT did I say it’s pretty outside oh YES I DID ekkkks wake me up wake me up O O O MOM MOM no worries no worries this is only pretty in the winter time OOOOP it still is winter isn’t ??

On a wonderful happy NOTE today is MY OLDER BROTHER’s Birthday so

Happy Birthday ruff ruufff you Happy Birthday Ruf YOU Happy Happy Birthday to Robert happy Birthday to YOU Ruff ruuuf YOU ! ! ! !

I Know if you were here I would play ball with you and gets lots of head scratches too! I also want to say that today IS THURSDAY just in case everyone forgot yep seeing all of those pictues of people and friends on vacation is not good for my wagging tail, I think all my puppy friends are on vacation I haven’t seen them and I need to see my buddies pretty soon I am getting the doodle crazzies, and we know that might not be good !

have a wonderful day and keep your fingers crossed that all of this SNOW Eeek melts very sooon so we can run and play again in my yard

Love ya Willy BABE

Happy Birthday

This is my Human Big Brother  Happy Birthday

This is my Human Big Brother Happy Birthday


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