Happy March

it is March It is March almost spring almost SPRING how many days to sporing How many days to Spring let the countdown begin

And May that wee little guy send sunshine your way and if he doesn’t OH WELL

I am so happy My human brother Jack has his PUPPY and the name is DA DA DAAAAA Kubo MOM was so tempted to call and have a video chat too meet this little one But I gave her that looK MOM MOM MOM they need time, oh doodles if it wasn’t for me MOM would be calling NOW but dont you doodle worry I know how to stop MOM I will keep asking too go outside as soon as I am finished for the mornig

So this is March hmmmmmmmm it is coming in like a DOODLE (I like Lions but not crazy about them I might be the same size) It is snowing and ucky my backyard is a total mess grrrrrr
and too think it was so nice just last week, MOM and I even kicked the soccer ball around just to get ready for the season of SOCCER< hmmmmmm I think I will by Kubo a soccer ball yes I am going to give him something when we visit.

SO when oh when is this doodley crummy weather going to stop I woof woof to my buddies but I dont hear an aanswer.

I gotta get going doodley along and fluffy up my Tail March is here and I am super doodle excited

Love ya Willy BABE A little to the left


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