Good monday

Happoy Happy Monday hey MOM said we only havetwo more days left of February then MARCH OH yes the wee little guys come out and make mischeif all over the place, so that means I am so very sure that those little squirrels will be in my yard and laughing at me and shaking their tail ahhhh How I missed those little guys, but don’t tell them that because they will think I am a softie

Soooo Mom had Friday off and it was a awful snowy icy day we didn’t even go for a walk because of the snow then it sleeted and now the snow was like crunch crunch as I walk what the doodles is that all about No worries though Mom made up for our walk on Saturday and sunday and can you believe that hardly any pups were out on Saturday hnnnnnnn I am guess the wind and cold but have no fear MOM and I trudge through the snow and the ice and the wind.

We were very careful about walking because the icy sidewalks and some humans didn’t even shovel their sidewalks so we played up and down to the street I sort of like that game it keeps me on my paws and MOM is also careful too only one time did she go OOOOO ha ha ha MOM she has to be careful and she is luckily I watch out for MOM>

Well it is time for me to say bye bye bye MOM has to leave for work and I want to go outside one more time hey to my pup0s why haven’t you been outside I miss woof woof at you i have lots to say

so waggin my Fluffy tail today have an awesome day

Love ya Willy BABE

Snow snow go away

Snow snow go away


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